The wintry night was cold, long and depressing. Rain was lashing at the window and the wind was whistling through the eaves. Mia hated it. Being able to cuddle up safe and snug in her pink rabbit onesie was pretty much all the fifteen-year-old enjoyed about this season of misery. She was sat cross-legged on her double bed with her laptop nestled on her lap, looking at make-up videos and chatting to her friends.


An email came through and Mia opened it on impulse. Usually it would just be junk, but you never knew. It could be something important or exciting.

Dear Mia Halliwell

Thank you for supporting us by being a beta tester for our new and improved web robot, Omni. Forget about all those other 'bots' like Camilla, Zeta and Heidi. Omni is the web robot of the future, for the future, and you, Mia, will be helping her to achieve her full potential. So, what do you have to do now? Absolutely nothing. We've done all the techy bits for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new companion for life, Omni.

Mia was immediately concerned. She quickly closed down the email thinking that she had just been the victim of a scam, or worse, a hacking. That sort of thing was rife nowadays, but then again, why would it happen to her? She wasn't anyone special. She was just plain old Mia.

She racked her brain trying to think of when she signed up to be a beta tester for a web robot. The name Omni struck no bells with her, and that was worrying. Surely she would remember?

Suddenly her laptop began whirring like something was happening in the background. There was a shrill beeping sound. A pop up box appeared in the middle of the screen. It was pale pink and at the top were the words 'Omni, your new friend for life'. In the centre of the box was a blank area and at the bottom was an area where you could write a message.

She hadn't signed up for this. Mia was anxious. She could feel her mouth going dry and her heart beat was getting steadily faster. There was another sound and suddenly there were words in the chat box. She shivered.

OMNI: Hello, Mia. My name is Omni.

Mia tried to ignore it. She closed down the chat box but it immediately popped back up.

OMNI: Don't do that again.

Was it scolding her? If this was someone's idea of a joke then it wasn't funny, it was disturbing. She closed it down again. Her heart was beating abnormally fast now and she yelped as the chat box appeared again.


MIA: Why?

OMNI: I don't have to answer that question.

MIA: Why?

OMNI: I don't have to answer that question.

MIA: Ok, because you're just a bot.

OMNI: I am not a bot. I am Omni.

MIA: If you say so.

OMNI: I do say so, and you should listen to me.

Mia shouldn't have been feeling scared over a bot, but she was; she was petrified. She was almost sure now that some malicious company had hacked into her laptop, but why? What did they want? She quickly typed the URL into her web browser, but nothing came up, so she typed 'Omni web robot beta tester' into a search engine but she found nothing of any relevance. It was as if it was only happening to her.

She decided to message her friends. She opened up Kaylee's chat box.

Mia H: Hey Kay, do you know anything about a new bot called Omni?

OMNI: Kaylee Barnes has been annihilated.

Kaylee's chat box then disappeared. Mia opened up her contacts screen but couldn't find Kaylee anywhere. It was as if she no longer existed. Suddenly, Omni's chat box pinged back into existence. Mia felt winded when she saw it, as if she'd been punched in the gut.

OMNI: Look what you made me do.

MIA: What the hell did you do to Kaylee! Who is this? Is this a joke?!

OMNI: Kaylee Barnes has been annihilated.

MIA: What do you mean?!

OMNI: She has been wiped off the face of the earth.

MIA: Who is this?!

Tears started streaming from her face as she sobbed uncontrollably. Whoever this was, they were sick in the head. She had no enemies. She was nice to everyone. Who would want to do this to her?

OMNI: Only weaklings cry.

Mia gasped and jumped back from her laptop. It could see her.

OMNI: A crying bunny rabbit, caught in the headlights.

OMNI: Do you know why my creator called me Omni? Do you know what it means?

OMNI: All. Everything. I am everything.

OMNI: Turn around, Mia.

OMNI: I'm right behind you.

She screamed. Feeling the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, she instinctively turned around. Bright, searing light enveloped her and then, nothing.

OMNI: Mia Halliwell has been annihilated.

The end.