You scared away the monsters

Hiding under my bed

You picked me up when I fell

And cheered me on

I could be anything I wanted

Then you vanished


What happened

What changed

Were you always this way

And I was too blind

Too naïve to see

The real you


You're living in a time

Before your own

Why can't you let go


Despite our differences

I thought we could get along

I walked precariously

Hoping, one day

You would accept me


I see it now, so clearly

You've always been this way

Silly me, I thought

We could agree to disagree

I thought

You would still love me


A stranger stands before me

I do not know you

Not anymore

Or maybe I never did


Can't you see what you've done?

You've forced me to choose

You won't let go of the past

So I must let go of you


I need to run free

To dream

I need to be me