Mira stared at her reflection in the mirror. The acne that had wasted so much of her time as a thirteen year old had faded. Her once round face had adopted an oval one with her weight loss. Her eyebrows were perfectly arched. She was no longer her quirky teenage self yet she still was not congruent with the rest of the world. She was still the "nerd" who preferred to learn another language whilst other girls went on dates. She was still the girl who preferred to keep to herself and never really spent time with her form. Her eyes brimming with tears, she took herself in. There were times when she thought she was exceptionally attractive - when her self esteem was at its peak. However, there were times like this where all she could see were her flaws. Her asymmetrical face. Her small lips. Her hooked ('aquiline' Mira told herself' nose. As a teenager, even girls who Mira thought had looks which were not particularly good went on dates and had boys crushing on them. Then there was Mira who they did not even care about: she always told herself they just thought she was intimidating.

"Mira" her mother called from downstairs.

"Coming!" Mira replied as she dried her eyes quickly and smiled to herself. She had once read that smiling automatically makes you feel better.

Her mum had prepared her a piece of toast and eggs. Over the years, Mira had grew more and more distant from her parents. As a teenager, she blamed them for her flaws. After going to a school with wealthy girls who played multiple instruments and sports, Mira who did not do much that was worth any importance there was constantly referred to as untalented - never a star but a stagehand - working behind the scenes: unnoticed.

Looking at the time, she decided it was time to leave. She knew she would be early but she did not mind. Half way through being a teenger, Mira began to prefer to visit the library where she could escape from her form and their shouting. She had even become a favourite of the librarian which made her happy. At least one person in the world appreciated her.

Every day when she went to university, Mira took the train. She loved looking out of the window and allowing her imagination free. Mira liked to think up backstories for all the characters on the train. That young boy on the train looked agitated because he was going to ask his crush out on a date. The old woman was on her way to her knitting club. Usually, at every station, Mira would see another girl - well woman - taking the same train as her. Most of them came with others - friends. Their makeup and hair would be perfect - probably because of all the experience they had in secondary school. Even at university, Mira was well not alone but had few close friends. She had seen several times throughout her life that it was better to have one true friends than many fake friends. After the woman had got off the bus, Mira could hear her "friends" talking about how ugly and stupid she was. Mira could only smile.