It was looking like it was going to be another boring day at the jewelers. While I didn't hate my job per say, I definitely wouldn't be here if I wasn't a broke college kid. So far I've sold a fake diamond ring for a cheap wedding and a candy necklace to a six year old. Whoo hoo.

Spaced out, I didn't even notice the two new customers until they reached the ring section. One of them was teenager, probably high school by the looks of it. She had pretty brown eyes and her dark, messy hair looked as if it was haphazardly shoved into a ponytail. She wore leggings, dirty white shoes, and a sweatshirt with a logo I didn't recognize. The teen looked nervous to be here, which was weird because the lady beside her, who I assume to be her mother, didn't. The assumed mother had on jeans, heeled boots, and a nice shirt with a Michael Kors jacket on top. The mother wore loads of makeup, while the child seemed content with her pimple covered face. Even I started wearing makeup in high school. It was strange seeing two people look so similar, but dress like polar opposites at the same time. The mother was looking at every ring carefully, while the teen was just skimming them like she already had one in mind. Shaking my head, I went over towards them.

"Are you in need of any assistance today ladies?" The teen smiled at me kindly while the mother only gave a twitch of her lips.

"Yes, we're looking for…" The mother turned towards her kid. "What was it you wanted again?" The teen blinked, unexpectedly put on the spot, before turning back towards me and answering warmly.

"I'm looking for a white ring, almost like a band, for my left middle finger." The request made me pause. That's what aromantics wear. Is she aro?

"Yes right, the plain white ring that you suddenly wanted." The mother says to her daughter before turning towards me. "Do you have any like it?" I smile politely.

"I don't know for sure, but I can look real quick." I pause, considering. Fuck it.

"If my memory serves me correctly, though, we have one similar, but there is an arrow etched into it." The teens eyes widen and a splash of hope filles her face. My polite smile becomes a little more real.

"We were looking for a plain one, but if you don't have it-"

"Actually, could we see that one?" The teen interrupts her mother and an idea pops into my brain.

"I think we do, but I'm going to need you to come round back with me." I look towards the mother. "You can stay we'll only be a moment." The mother opens her mouth to protest, but the teen cuts her off.

"I'll be fine mummy." She says with an amused look.

"Ok then, go."

It's as I'm leading the teen towards the back that I realize I don't know what to say. The teen does it for me.

"If the one with the arrow doesn't have my size, then do you also have plain white ones?"

"Yes, we do, but I'm confident these'll work." We reach the shelf and I grab one that should be her size and hand it to her.

"Try this one." She takes the ring from me and looks at it for a moment, smiling softly at the etched in arrow. She hesitates putting the ring on, like it'll all become too real once she does. The teen takes a deep breath and slides it on. It fits perfectly. The girls just stares at it, her eyes a little red.

"Do you like it?" Startled, she looks up at me and wipes her eyes looking embarrassed.

"I sorry." She says sheepishly. "I don't know why I-"

"Hey, it's ok, I get it. Just remember for me that you can be whatever you want to be, alright. Even if it's rare, even if people don't understand, continue being you ok." She looks at me right in the eye and, even though we don't say it, we both know what we're talking about. With a smile, she gives me a quick hug and pulls back red in the face.

"Thank you." She mumbles.

"It was nothing." I reply, pushing my left sleeve up to reveal a white ring of my own. The same one she has on right now. The teen glances at it, then her eyes widen again and she looks up at me.

"Told you I knew we had some." She laughs and we walk back to her mother. It's funny how a boring day at work can somehow become life changing. How something as simple as a white ring, can mean so much.

A/N Recently found out that aros are starting to wear white rings on the left finger, similar to the black ace rings on the right hand, so I wrote about. I'm getting one soon so too bad a ring/jeweler like this doesn't exist. Hope you enjoyed!