"The Imperial Sex Droids" by Monte Negro, February 2018

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are the product of a fiction. Any resemblance to real characters is of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one is should attempt to plan, do or act in the same manner as it is depicted in the story.

AN2: None.

Summary: Gareth Edwards, 32, from Coventry used his spiritualist church group to befriend the 12-year-old girl's family before trying to seduce her online ...

The Imperial Sex Droids

Imperial Star Destroyer is trying to fetch its prey. Princess Leiah's personnel transport cruiser is trying its best to avoid the inevitable. Dark Lader is already massaging his masculinity, thinking of Princess' tight breasts and inviting thighs.

"She's mine now …", Dark laughs as the main reactor gets hit. Wipes remnants of dark ale, stands up and burps. "… Let's get ready to enter that Alderbanian whore house, ha, ha, ha …"

But upon entering Princess Leiah's personnel transport cruiser there are faggots, gays and homos with blasters waiting for him.

"F… you all, f… you, you stupid maggots! I want my pussy!"

Dark's libido and sexual desire makes him stronger and he kills the wimps, aiming his penis for the Princess.

"Princess …", Dark laughs and calls the frightened Princess Leiah. "… Come out wherever you are. His troops kill the remaining sexual bodyguards.

In a dark corner, sexual droids "stare" at each other.

"R-koo De-koo …", Three Pedio mumbles, "… I think we're doomed!"

R-koo De-koo opens up the hatch of the escape capsule and pulls Three Pedio by his artificial penis in.

"Hey! …", Three Pedio imitates pain, complaining. "… It is MY penis, you little pervert!"

"Sir … there's another escape pod with sexual droids …", Officer aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer notices.

"Who cares … I prefer unprotected sex with the Empire's sex slaves …". the other Officer yawns and continues to read electronic comics.

After the escape pod landed, little pervert gang notice R-koo De-koo and Three Pedio walking all naked in the desert and abduct them.

"He, he, he, he …", little hooded creatures giggle with pleasure. "… We can always sell these sexual droids to those lonely peasants.

"Yes! Good idea, ho, ho, ho, ho …", the other one agrees.

In a small farm on Tatoo-sin, jerk-off Luked Skychaser is talking to his hosts.

"We should get some new sexual droids. I'm sick of masturbating. I mean, I … I am all alone here and, and … you know …"

Lady looks at her husband and understands Luked in full.

"He's right. You should go tomorrow and buy some sexual droids."

Male wipes mouth, stares sideways but eventually nods.

"All right. Just one that does the hand job and one that suck."

"NO FULL SEX DROIDS?!" Luked leaned against the table, distressed, upset and shocked.

"Not this season, I am afraid." Older male gets up and sighs. "… Perhaps when our crops of opium reach the desirable level and quality."

"We'll never reach the quality of Abdul Jabbah's opium, you know that!"

Older male turns around tiredly and grins feebly.

"I know … but if we get her a sexual droid with a good penis …" He shakes head with doubts. "… She would make us cakes and we would be happier and, and … you know …"

"Yes. The production would triple because we would be motivated to work harder." Luked suddenly realizes something. "… But what if she does not get orgasm at all? That … that could mean another full season of waiting!?" Luked stares in shock at the old hag still seated. She smirked but did not object.

"I … I agree with you. However …" Older man shrugs and Luked picks up his jacket, leaving for his compartment to jerk off in peace.

Tomorrow the old man and Luked went to buy new sexual droids.

"Give me that golden hand-jobber and … and …", he finally spotted an interesting one. "... And one with the artificial vagina."

"Sooh, sooh, sir …", hooded trader nods and waves.

Three Pedio turns around and watches eager R-koo De-koo, feeling sorry in some artificially programmed way.

"I am sure I can satisfy your sexual desires, sir. I am programmed for over six million combinations of a hand job, penis adoration and even sado maso combinations!" Old man did not seem impressed but just nodded curtly anyway.

Suddenly droid with artificial vagina breaks down. Puffs of smoke emanate from his metal body.

"Hey … what are you trying to sell us here? Ha?" Old man feels angry and the hooded one waves at the sucker-droid.

R-koo De-koo comes on its wheels.

"Christ!" Old man measures him all over. "… No artificial vagina on this one?"

"No, sooh, no …", hooded trader nods apologetically.

"F… she always gets the one with a penis …"

"You can always become a fag …", Luked suggests but regrets soon after.

Back on the Imperial Star Destroyer, Dark Lader has isolated his prize in a specially designed room with pink, red and violet hues. It is rich with sexual ornaments.

Princess Leiah wriggles helplessly on the floor, trying to lose her bonds.

"No need to try, princess …", Dark unbuckles his belt, drops pants and then shows her his python. "… Room's locked and under sexual guard. There's no way you'll escape my sexual fantasies this time, ha, ha, ha …" He scratches his hairy but and farts, smelling his fingers. "… And now …" He farts a tiny one and then grins in a surprise. "… Now you'll see why my fair companion is called the Lord! Ha, ha, ha, ha …"

"Oh, no, no, no! But, but … I am a virgin!" Princess objected, staring at the erected monstrosity of Dark Lader's penis.

"There's always the first time for everything, ha, ha, ha, ha …"

Dart Lader's laughter echoes in her head and she faints on the padded floor, realizing with the last remnants of her consciousness that her vagina wetted.

Meanwhile on Tatoo-sin, after they reached their hut, Luked eagerly brought his new sexual droids to his private compartment.

"Now I'll see what you can do."

"Let me give you a hand job, sir …"

"Oh, all right …" Luked nodded, closed his eyes and then let the thin golden one do his duty.

Luked enjoyed it for a while and then came.

After a while he pressed remote control and R-koo De-koo. It started to show some suggestive porno videos.

"Who's this bitch?" Luked massaged his masculinity, watching some half-naked girls dance in erotic and seducing way.

"She's called Princess, sir."

"Princess …" Luked, repeats, leans forward a bit and then yawns, scratching his butt.

"She tells everyone that's she's a virgin, you know ..."

Luked grins and stares at his new fetish.

"And … isshe?"

"I don't think so, sir. I've seen her seducing innocent young boys into some kind of Redbellion or Resistance Movement …"

"You know about the Redbellion?" Luked suddenly got interested, widening his peasant eyes for the moment.

"Of course I do! It is the major recruiting force for the sexual predators in the Universe, sir!"

"You know of the force as well?"

"Sir, I have been programmed for more than six million combinations of sexual satisfaction. Do you want me to …"

"Never mind …" Luked waved, sighed at the tin can, got up and then leisurely started to watch bed bugs fight over some fresh corpse outside.

Night seemed promising, but there was no disco club around.