It's just a normal Friday afternoon, and some of the kids are riding out to go drift. Ben goes to a normal high, He loves really nice very expensive hot cars. He has a Subaru WRX, which he loves to go, with his friends, drifting. On this particular Friday, his friends, Josh, Jonah and Matt are going out to the race track to rip up the asphalt. There is an Audi dealership there in NY, and Ben has his eye on a very special very cool Audi R8. the R8 is the latest and fastest car Audi has ever made. It has a mighty 5.2 liter V10 engine that produces 610 horsepower.

In NY, there is a world famous grid of road calles New York. There Ben and his friends like to test drive exotic sports cars, and today Ben is testing the R8. If the car passes the tests Ben will not only but the car, but it will also be the first Audi around the NY circuit. As the day and tests go by, it looks like it will complete every challenge the team can think of. But during the final test, to drift a total of 200 meters. The Audi gives one last rev, and suddenly gasses it and lanches off of the end of the pear.