Chapter 8

I barely managed to choke out her name over a flood of memories that washed over my mind. How could I have forgotten!? The dates, the dinners, the long kisses during "homework" time. How could I have her forgotten HER? She was my whole world in high school and I had adored her. Her chibiness, her shyness, and not to mention she was gorgeous, even before her 'transformation' I cursed himself brutally in my mind for daring to forgot this goddess who thought me good enough to love , then I had the audacity to forget her!? I wondered how as of yet I was not yet struck down by the gods. After this bout of internal monologue which lasted 4.5 seconds in reality, Aurora started to speak. "Yes Ramon?" I cringed at his given name, but blessed lucky stars for this chance that was handed to me on a silver platter. "That's me." I looked at her face to see her reaction and saw weariness, hope, and long tempered passion flared in her eyes. This reaction fired hope within my own breast and I tentatively stepped forward.

As soon as Ocean stepped forward, Aurora flinched backwards. He saw and tried to step back with a hurt look on his face but she reached forward toward him.

"No don't's alright. Why don't you come inside?"

She stepped back and made room for him to come through the door. He slowly walked in and she directed him to her living room. She had him sit down on a pale peach loveseat then asked,

"Do you want something to drink? Juice, water soda, or something?"

"No thanks."

Aurora nodded and sat down in a plush chair opposite his. She looked down at her hands and twiddled her thumbs in the awkward silence before she heard him quietly clear his throat.

" really need to talk."

'No sh*t Sherlock'

She thought sarcastically, mentally rolling her eyes. Or at least she thought she had said it mentally, because she saw Oceans shocked face and realized she had said it out loud. "I...I...I" Before she spluttered out a response, Oceans face morphed into a mischievous grin. "Well...I thought it was obvious Watson." Aurora was momentarily taken back and the two stared at each other for a moment before dissolving into a fit of snorts and giggles.

This exchange brought on an on slot memory from our school days leaving us both breathless and filled with nostalgia, memories like cuddling on the couch watching their favorite shows, sweet little doorstep kisses, dancing at any moment they felt like it, laser tag with Aurora kissing Ocean before betraying and him shooting him in the chest, him then shrieking and stumbling to get away from his laser. Little things that made their vulnerable relationship sweeter and even more special. Aurora looked up to Ocean at the same time as him and caught her breath. He had laughter in his eyes but beneath that was long tempered passion. He hadn't met anyone that made him feel the same way Aurora had and his heart hadn't forgotten her. Aurora watched as he got up off the coach and slowly made his way over. She never looked away as he slowly knelt in front of her and took her face in his hands. He made his way achingly closer and Aurora stopped breathing...

I still to this day will never understand what could have possibly come over me to compel me to have even thought about kissing Aurora after so long let alone ACTING on that feeling. But yet here I was inches from her perfectly sculpted lips, mere millimeters from contact. Our breaths mingled together and I could have cut the tension with a knife. I pulled forward and anticipated contact with her...however I only met the frigid air. She had moved her head at the last minute, pulling away with a barely audible 'no'. I immediately panicked and hastily wrenched away from her. I backed up a few paces and tried to regain my composure. I felt her warmth leave me and stuttered out a few syllables trying to save the last shreds of our conversation. I finally gave up and I loathe to admit this but I bolted. I ran out the door and made a getaway in my Impala that would make criminals jealous of my smooth departure.

End of Chapter 8