The wind was howling outside the small cabin that sat just outside of town. Within the confines of the wooded home screaming could be heard coming from within the main bedroom. The door was closed as three people waited within the living quarters. An old man sat by the window staring pensively out at the raging blizzard that pounded the small village that sat along the border of Azeroth and Caldeum. A middle aged man could be seen pacing back and forth just in front of the closed door, his son sitting off to the side playing with his toys and occasionally peaking up at his obviously worrisome father. The boy looked to his grandfather with questioning eyes just as the door to the bedroom opened. His grandmother rushed out and into the kitchen grabbing towels before running back in. More screaming could be heard before things quieted down and soon the cry of a child filled the household. The door opened up as the cries quieted down and the old woman let the men inside.

"Congratulations son, you are the proud father of a beautiful baby girl," the woman said as the man rushed up to the door and stood there for a minute in shock before running to his wife's side. There bundled up in her arms was a baby girl. Her skin was pale as the moon hiding behind the clouds. Her hair a brilliant shade of blue and green and what would be known as teal atop her head followed by shining silver orbs that stared up at the man with joy. The little boy crawled onto the bed as his father knelt beside it. The two curled around the tired mother and the new born as the family praised the day of a new addition to their small family.