Underwater where no one else can see

The things you hide

The things you feel

The things you desperately need

Yeah you're perfect

You've got it all contained

But everyone can still read your eyes

Because that's something you can't hide


Something must be wrong

It's been this way for months

You look just fine from the outside

But in your eyes

There's still something missing

End of chorus

You know you're bulletproof

Nothing can get through your scales

Except you

And nothing gets by your jaws

Yet when I look at you

I still see something's wrong


If I tied your mouth shut

And asked you bluntly

Would you speak

With your crocodile tears?

Or would you only blink it away

All I'm really asking

Is why you seem so cold

Why you're not looking me

Straight in the eyes

Are crocodile tears always falsified?


One of the few songs I actually have an official chorus to.

Lyrics belong to SaltwaterExtended. Do not use in any way without my permission.