Black pointe shoes on rooftops,

I was told I shouldn't care

if my brains are gone and my heart stops

oh my, how could you dare?

lilac sky looks down on me

my face was illuminated,

by a single light that I couldn't see

I couldn't feel and I couldn't breathe.

Arrow Bones I call for you

come find me, please and thank you

show me the way to the fallen city

we'll raise it up no stolen pity

from your weapons, keep away

I've never ever danced ballet.

Ace Of Spades stop choking us

I know you can't hear but I've had enough

I want to see the light igniting someone's eyes,

yes, I wish to see the spark before it flies

away, I want to see the sun in them,

they're in the dark, enlighten them:

you might be what they say but that's not true

you're only what you say and what you do,

if only we could live like we want to,

if only I was me and not all you.