The story begins in the city of San Francisco, California, The City by the Bay, the Golden Gate City or San Fran as they might say, there has the Golden Gate Bridge and the Downtown San Francisco, in the city there lives two young girls, In one of these houses, there lives a 13 year old girl with a introverted personality, she is blonde and has light blue eyes, her name is Alexandra Hackett, nicknamed by everyone as "Alex", she is going to school, greets everyone in a good manner, especially her neighbors, she looks to the sky, who looks so blue and white, she arrives to the school, Alex puts her things on a locker, three students, one slim girl and a boy are putting their stuff, a overweight girl is cleaning her own locker, wiping the word "Fat girl" on it.

"'Fat girl', they always mock me." said the overweight girl, named Flossie.

"Nah, don't worry, they mock you due to your appearance." said the slim girl, named Sharilyn.

"Hi, Sharilyn, Hi, Flossie and Hi for you, Nick." Alex greeted them.

"Good morning, Alex!" said Nick. "I'm pretty sure everything is peaceful in San Francisco."

"You are pretty still a little fish, Sharilyn." said Flossie.

"Little fish, you are so funny, Flossie." Sharilyn continued as she and her friends goes to the classroom.

Meanwhile, In a ballet school, there lives another girl who is also 13 years old, she is carrying a boombox and a box of classic musics, she has blonde hair and light blue eyes like Alex, her name is Chelsea Dimbleby, she is a famous ballerina, and discovered the ballet since she were 7, and became more famous when she were 8, she goes to a room, puts her boombox in the floor and looks through the window.

"All right, all settled in." she said to herself as she breathes and turns on the music, which plays "The Awakening of Flora." by Riccardo Drigo, Chelsea begins to dance very well, using her methods of Ballet Instruction she learned as a child, started to dance better and better until her ballet teacher and classmates watches this in shock, she keeps dancing only to see her teacher before falling into the floor. "Oh, good morning, Mrs. Hatton."

"Chelsea, you arrived early for the audition." said Mrs. Hatton.

"Sorry, I was training by my own." Chelsea replied as she turns off her music in her boombox.

"Training by your own, huh?" Mrs. Hatton asked as she turned her attention to the students. "Girls, Let's train."

"Good morning, Chelsea." said Hayley Harper.

"Good morning, Chelsea." said Megan Hendrick.

Mrs. Hatton is a 25 years old woman with pink hair, before she became a ballet teacher, she was a little girl full of dreams, she started to discover the ballet, and started to dance better, she and her students began to practice, when however, the arrival of a student interrupts them, a girl with blue hair named Tricia Rink, she is very jealous and late for class.

"Oh, Tricia, you're late for ballet class." said Mrs. Hatton.

"Ah, Mrs. Hatton, I was stuck in traffic as my parents hit the honk to tell the other cars to Hit the Road." said Tricia as she goes next to her classmates, Chelsea stares at her blankly.

"Tricia...she always comes late for ballet class." she said.

"You mean the Snob?" Megan asked.

"Yeah, the snob, I always became better than her." Chelsea continued.

"Oh, Tricia is totally the worst." said Harper.

"Worst is my middle name, Chelsea." Tricia gave them a smug before dancing ballet.

"We'll see, don't take my best off from me, ever." Chelsea gave her a smug as she is dancing.