In the following morning, Chelsea turns off her alarm which plays Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, she takes a shower, combs her hair and puts her ballet uniform as her father comes to her room.

"Chelsea, are you ready?" said Mr. Dimbleby.

"I am ready, dad!" she replied. "Today, I will never go early without waiting everybody in the ballet school!"

"Good one, daughter!" Mr. Dimbleby gave his daughter a high five as Chelsea goes downstairs.

In the Hackett residence, Alex puts her clothes on before going to eat some toast for breakfast, she puts her stuff in her backpack and makes her way to the school, Chelsea gets out of her house and is making her way to the ballet School, they waited to the walk signal, all of a sudden, the walk signal lit up and they keep walking, walking, walking and they hit each other before falling into the sidewalk, as they stand up, they began to look into each other, notices that they are identical.

"You look like me." said Alex.

"And you too." said Chelsea.

"Well, I think I'm late for School." Alex continued as she and Chelsea started to walk away, until, she stops to a moment and goes to tell the ballerina about a big Idea. "If you look like me, maybe, we can switch places!"

"Listen,uh...Alex, I don't wanna be late for my ballet class, I'll see you later, right?" Chelsea refused, but, Alex stops her.

"Come on, we'll switch places, No one will find out!" she said.

"But, Mrs. Hatton will be upset If I will not show up for ballet class!" Chelsea protested. "Tricia will replace me as the wonderful-"

"Who's Tricia?" Alex asked.

"A mean ballerina from the ballet school." said Chelsea. "Well, Alex, let's switch places, I'll go to school and you go to ballet school."

"So, let's change our clothes!" Alex excitedly exclaimed.

Five minutes later, Alex and Chelsea switched their clothes, they are relieved to realize they will experience each other's lives.

"Well, You are going to ballet school wearing my ballet uniform." said Chelsea as she pointed to her ballet uniform.

"and you are going to school wearing my clothes." said Alex as she pointed to her clothes. "Here, use my backpack."

"That was nice to meet you, I gotta go." Chelsea continued.

Meanwhile, In the school, Flossie, Nick and Sharilyn are waiting for Alex to show up, they are crowded with the students outside as Chelsea, wearing Alex's clothes shows up at the school.

"Excuse me, coming through." Chelsea pushed all the students as the ring bell, the students goes inside, leaving four behind.

"Alex!" Nick exclaimed.

"Who? Me?" Chelsea asked nervously. "Yes, I'm Alex, How are you?"

"It took you long enough to show up." said Flossie as she and her friends goes inside, she sees a drawing in her locker, which depicts her as fat and silly before wiping it out. "They didn't stop from calling me fat."

In the ballet school, Alex, wearing Chelsea's ballet uniform is waiting for everybody to show up, she takes a selfie using her smartphone as Mrs. Hatton and her students showed up, she stands up and nervously greets her.

"Good morning, Kylie." she said.

"Good morning, Chelsea." said Mrs. Hatton. "How do you know my first name? My mom and dad gave me my first name."

"Sorry, Mrs. Hatton." Alex continued as she, Chelsea's classmates and Kylie goes to the room.

"It's OK, let's dance." Mrs. Hatton turned on some music in her boombox, just like Chelsea, the music which plays is The Nutcracker.