In the math class, the teacher is teaching the students including Alex, who is paying attention to the class, she is making the calculations of 5+5, as she starts to speak.

"What's the calculation of 5+5?" The teacher asked.

"Number 10!" Alex replied.

"Good one, Alex!" said the teacher "anyone knows the calculations?"

"Alex, That Chelsea is a pretty ballerina." said Nick.

"She pretended to be you and said that I am obese, Shoot, I wish I might, er...never mind." said Flossie.

"Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, she will go to San Francisco Ballet, and I will be there." Alex replied.

"San Francisco Ballet? Really?" asked Sharilyn.

"The Ballet Theater, Sharilyn." Alex continued.

"My mom was a ballerina, Alex, a retired ballerina." said Nick. "Remember how the young boy wanted to be a ballet dancer? that's because of the negative stereotype."

"Hm-hmm, I saw a prankster..." said Alex as she thinks in a moment. "Hold on, Tricia tried to play a prank on me!"

"Who is Tricia Rink?" Flossie asked.

"Tricia Rink, Flossie, That ballerina is a prankster who tried to play a prank on me!"

"How do you know her?" Sharilyn asked.

"I saw her in the ballet school, Tonight, I'll go to San Francisco Ballet Theater, Flossie, Nick, Sharilyn, tell your parents to go to the theater, and nothing will stop Chelsea for once and for all!" Alex said courageously.

At night, In San Francisco Ballet Theater, the audience, inclduing Flossie, Nick, Sharilyn, Alex and their parents are in their seats, waiting for the ballerinas to show up, Chelsea, Megan and Hayley are in the stage, they become relieved that Tricia is not there.

"Thank goodness Tricia is not here, Chelsea." said Megan.

"What do you expect, Megan? Tricia is always a prankster." said Chelsea.

"How do you know, huh? I play cruel pranks on everyone in my childhood, It's miss the presentation time, Chelsea!" Tricia furiously drags Chelsea away.

"Tricia!" Megan exclaimed.

"Let her go, Tricia! Mrs. Hatton will show up right now and the show's gonna start!" said Hayley.

"The show's gonna start without her, I tried many pranks to humiliate her!" Tricia protested. "But, now, I'm getting rid of her cause no one will see!"

"Tricia, let me go! my friend Alex will teach you a lesson!" said Chelsea.

"She is in the audience, I have one thing: Lock you forever!" Tricia angrily dragged her rival away from Megan and Hayley as Alex and Mrs. Hatton showed up, she is now dressed as a ballerina.

"Let her go." she said as Tricia became shocked to realize that Alex and Chelsea are two identical girls who switched places.

"It's not possible, two Chelseas?!" she said.

"Tricia, this Chelsea is Alex and the real Chelsea is the one that are you dragging her away." said Mrs. Hatton.

The audience, still waiting for the ballerinas, they wonder where are they now, Nick, Flossie and Sharilyn look at each other with worried looks.

"Where's Alex and Chelsea? They were supposed to be in the stage!" he said.

"Oh, darn..." Flossie replied.

"That normal high school girl switched places with Chelsea, I gotta tell my parents about this!" Tricia continued as her parents appeared, she gets startled at their presence as they drag her away from the stage due of her pranks and bullying. "Mrs. Hatton, thank goodness you called my parents...Mrs. Hatton!"

"OK, girls, we have one minute for the opening night." said Mrs. Hatton.

"All right!" said Alex and Chelsea.

The Firebird ballet begins normally, and it starts with Alex, Chelsea, Megan, Hayley and the ballerinas dancing in the sound of The Firebird suite, the audience is pretty amazed by their performance, since Tricia is dragged out of the stage, they are having a performance without her, everything becomes better for the two girls, they began dancing better until the end as the Ballet performance ends with the ballerinas bowing to the audience, who is clapping due to their best performance, at midnight, when the ballerinas and their parents goes home, the Hacketts and the Dimblebys left the theater, until Mr. and Mrs. Dimbleby becomes shocked to realize that Alex and Chelsea are identical.

"Chelsea, you are identical to Alex, you look like her!" said Mr. Dimbleby.

"Dad, I met her when she was going to the school." said Chelsea.

"Mom, I met her when she was going to the ballet school." said Alex.

and then, The Hacketts and the Dimblebys started to laugh heartily.