A/N: Heya I'm Malphas, just a couple things I want to say in advance, Woodland Park High School is indeed a real place it's where I went to school, however the people within this story are not, nor are the events. Alright I think that's it enjoy! P.s. this is my first time showing off my writing so comments, criticisms and advice are appreciated!

8 a.m. Aug, 22, 2014. Period 1, of the first day of school at woodland park high school.

Mr. Strain's Pre-Calculus class had just been introduced to there teacher "Alright everyone please settle down and find your seat, the chart is on the board. These will be your seats for the duration of the year they will not change so don't bother asking."

20 minutes later there was a knock at the door.

"Ah it seems we have a straggler, well what's your name?"

"James Solomon."

"Well, James, care to explain why you were 20 minutes late on the first day?" The venomous tone in Strains voice betrayed his calm appearance.

"Oh you know, plans to lay, dupe's to dupe, on that note I'll have to leave in a minute anyway." James said with smirk.

"Is that so? And why praytell should I let you leave after being twenty minutes late on the first day?" Displeasure all but written on his forehead.

Just then the P.O. system crackled to life over head. "James Solomon! Report to the principal's office this minute!" The shrill yelp of the school secretary rang out through the speaker.

As the sound from the P.O. system faded out. James pointed up,"thats why…"

The dumbfounded Math teacher stared slack jawed towards the door along with the rest of the once again silent students.

"What on God's green Earth did you do? I've never heard Mrs. Zimmerman so much as raise her voice let alone… whatever that was…"

"Something entertaining enough to last a whole year I hope." With that he smiled an impossibly wide smile, turned and walked from the room.

9:00 a.m. May, 21, 2015, Period 2, of the second to last day of school at woodland park high school.

Mrs. Notleys English Lit III,

James walked into class 5 minutes late, just as he had every other day that year, after his daily summons to the principal's office 2 minutes into 1st Period.

Connor Loe, James' best friend called out, "Hey James, how's Principle Garrett doing today?"

"As well as can be expected, but really who's to say?"

With that he sat down and propped his boots on the desk and smiled his infamous face splitting grin that signaled he was up to no good. "Hey, I've been wondering all year what the hell you do that gets you dragged up there every damn, day?" Connor asked.

With that James began to chuckle loudly, his trademark grin seeming to somehow become even widder, his laughter earning him a bought of shushing, and glares from his surrounding classmate's not wanting to be dragged into whatever trouble he might have been stirring up.

Accepting the reprimand from his classmate's James leaned over to Connor and whispered, "That's the thing, I haven't been to the principal's office once this year, at least not after my morning summons."

Connor cocked is head, a bewildered expression on his face. prompting James to chuckle again albeit far more quietly.

James sighed, "I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, on my first day here while trying to find my way to 1st Hour I asked a kid and he pointed me toward Our dear
Mr. Strains room, but not before telling what a prick Strain was. Now I'm not one to jump to conclusions, so I went to check it out. I walked up to the door right as he revealed his seating plan that had me sitting front and center. So being the proactive fucker I am, I walked back to the front office and offered to give Mrs. Zimmermann a hundred dollars to make sure I got called from 1st Hour, every day for the rest of the year and to make it sound bad… suffice to say she accepted."

Connor sat with a look somewhere between awe and complete shock.

"Your one crazy son of a bitch, you know that?" Connor said, the same look still plastered on his face. James chuckled once.

"So I've been told."