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This is my first piece of writing that is not Fanfiction(account:heronstairs2005, go check it out :) ) Constructive criticism welcomed!


If time was to stop, you would not notice it, would you. Everything would stop, right...right. Even your thoughts. You would have no knowledge of time stopping. If you have ever been punched and ended up unconscious, (which I hope if you have that you have recovered fully and resolved the issue) you will know that when you are unconscious time seems to stop, and this could last for a few minutes, a few hours or maybe even a day. But this did not happen to me.

Alina Audet is the name (pronunced " a-lee-na aw-day" ) and I have only one person I can call a friend. Caroline Jones. To be honest, I only think she is my 'friend' because she has no one else to talk to. Like me. I dont't purposely stay away from people. I don't want to be alone! If I did I would probably move to the artic and become a frozen penguin over time. That sounds like an Alina Audet thing to do.

I also did not want to be hit by a basketball in the middle of a volleyball game (our high school does not have volleyballs. It was either a basketball or a tennis ball. I wish we used the tennis ball now.) where everyone was watching, including boys. I mean, one minute I was adjusting my glasses and shoulder length, brown messy hair, and the next thing I know, I have been hit in the face with the stupid volleyball-that is really a basketball. The last thing I remeber thinking was 'Is it possible for something to travel faster than light.' Well I know the answer now... a freaking basketball. I could guess who had thrown it, anyone could. No other than Selena Jones. Not that hard to figure out. For those of you that don't know who she is (which will not be many because pretty much everyone knows her) she is the girl. Everyone wants to be her. She is the girl that everone wants as a friend or their girlfriend. She goes through packets (or tubes, make up is not my forte) of foundation in a week, like I, or any other bookworm, would go through books in a month. I don't think has seen her without make up.

I woke up in the nurses office and heard my mother say quickly in french, "Aie, oh mon dieu. Elle est..."
"Anglais, Maman." Oh yes, I am half french, half american. That really helps with my position in the popularity rank at school. Second to last in my year, fifth to last in the whole school. I grew up in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Almost directly in the middle of france actually. My father was taking a french degree and moved there, were he met my mother, who grew up in Paris. I moved to Montreal, Canada. My father grew up in LA and I thought we were going to live there, but no. We stayed in Los angeles for a week to visit my grandmother, and then we hopped on a plane and...boom...here we are. Montreal. I mean its not that bad, most people in Montreal speak French. When I first came here I could say hello and goodbye. Now I am fluent in French and English. Even though I could speak English, my parents sent me to an English school. A school for people who lived in Montreal but couldn't speak French. I honestly think I am the only French person in the school. Thanks, Mom and Dad! It's not always so bad. For example, the only language that the school teaches is French, so thats a breeze for me. But with every postive thing, there has got to be a negative. Thats just how life works. I am in high school, the non-french speaking students(everyone) find french hard, so they come to me. Peple were willing to pay me so I would do their homework. That was never going to happen. So, when I told them no, they all turned on me. Now everyone hates me. But there is another upside. I can say whatever I want in French, and no one understands so they can't tell me off.

I got up and asked, "Did everyone see?"
The nurse nodded and offered me a symphathitic smile.
"Can I go home?"
"Yes, and..um..I think it would be a wise idea to stay off school tomorrow."
"Don't worry I was going to anyway." So I got up and headed for the parking lot.

Thank you!