Paradise is the Kingdom of Dreams. If you dream it, it exists there, no matter what it may be. Rowan, after losing the love of his life, dreams of her every night. But it is only after inheriting a mysterious strength that he sets off to find her. If she lives in his dreams, then she is alive and waiting for him in Paradise, and he will find her no matter what or who he has to overcome.

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my story! It is in the works but I aim to put chapters out at least twice a week. This is just the prologue and the story is an adventure that aims to explore the whimsical madness of our dreams! If you're up for following along, give the story a follow! If you leave a review, I'll definitely leave one back! Anyway, here is the prologue! Enjoy!

Grimmjaw_ Prologue

By: KK

Gresha loved this world.

The colorful, Crystalline Mountains, the dark Red Oceans, even the mysterious Floating Cities. Every part of it was a treasure worth protecting, worth exploring.

He remembered being so young and impressionable, dreaming of the outside world and the possibilities that lingered beyond his home. It felt like lifetimes ago, and yet he could still remember the day he and his friends worked up the courage and ran laughing into the unknown.

He didn't know it then, but who would've expected that they would end up carving their name into something legendary, something profound.

Out of all the travelers who left, his little group had surely gone the farthest.

"I… I just wish it didn't have to end yet." He winced, and sat down on the soft, warm grass. Ahead him, stretching on for miles, stood a field of dazzling, bright yellow wildflowers. A dry wind swept across them, throwing the glowing petals into the air until they were scattered about. Their scent was sweet and familiar, like honey on the tongue, like summers in the countryside.

Gresha wanted to stand up and enjoy the scent further, but there was no strength left in him for such things. "How pathetic." He whispered, confused by his sudden weakness "I must look pretty dumb, right Angela? So damn weak… you must be disappointed."

Angela was lying on the ground next to him, but she didn't say a word.

Her eyes were closed and her body lay curled into a ball, as if she were hugging herself to keep warm from a cold that didn't exist. She had always been a beautiful woman, and it wasn't too long ago that she became his beautiful woman. He loved her dearly, that fierceness of her's impossible to ignore. By the Gods, he wished more than anything for her to just open those sparkling eyes and smile at him, to scold him for not getting up and to kiss his lips.

"Angela…" he reached over with a shaky hand and brushed a lock of red hair from her still face. "I'm so sorry… we couldn't make it."

He half expected her to jump up and slap him saying for that.

But he knew it wouldn't happen.

She was gone, and she wasn't ever coming back.

"Oh Angela." Gresha closed his eyes, stifling his tears. "I'm… I'm so sorry."

Normally, the third in their group would have leapt to his aid to reassure him that all was well. Jaya was just that sort of person, friendly and impetuous, hating the sight of tears. He wasn't here though, and where he had gone Gresha didn't know. Wherever it was though, he hoped it was somewhere good, somewhere far, far away from this quiet place.

"My friend." Gresha twitched, the weight in his chest growing heavier, making it harder to breath. "If you're alive right now… go farther. Don't stop for anything. Please. Just keep going."

He turned then and stared at the sky. Ahead of him, dominating his view, the sun slowly dipped down, sinking into the horizon with a calm acceptance.

The lower it went, the surer he became that this was it. His journey had come to an end, and though he was eager for the pain in his body to stop, he had one last task ahead of him.

Not everyone can make their dreams come true. The world, beautiful as it may be, is a treasonous place. Without the right Power, the right Gift, one may never push passed the boundaries and succeed. All he could do now was hope that his Power could help someone else, that it'd sprout in the body of a kind, admirable person. A soul who could go farther than he had ever dreamed of.

Someone who could make it to Paradise.

"Please… whoever you are." He smiled, thankful the Ancients gave him such an opportunity, and raised his hand to the heavens. "See that you pass my Gift onto someone who needs it… see that it becomes useful and that it does good in their hands. Please…"

It was all he could do, beg the Gods for their aid. But in a sense he didn't understand, he felt as though they heard him. Whether or not they'd listen was something else altogether. Oh well, it wasn't his place to question them, and losing the strength to keep his hand up any longer, Gresha let it fall to his side.

He was so tired, all he wanted to do was sleep, heck… he may even get lucky and dream of Angela.

"Whoever inherits this Power." Gresha murmured, slowly closing his eyes, "Do your best to control it… Grimmjaw is strange, but it will see you through, if you trust in it."

Good luck…