Kelly James soaks in the warmth of the sun's rays, taking in the fresh air as she inhales deeply through her nose.

Knees in the dirt and sweat rolling down her back, Kelly tends to her garden in the backyard of her suburban home. She wears a big hat to keep the sun out of her eyes, gloves to keep dirt out of her nails, as well as an orange tank top the hugs her abdomen and hangs below her hips and khaki shorts that come just above her knees. Her long blonde hair flows out from under the hat, shimmering like a golden shower in the sun light.

Her work is interrupted when a shadow hovers from behind, blocking her newly planted flowers from the sun. She looks over her shoulder to see Joe Kook, her soon-to-be husband, wearing a purple polo shirt and crisp freshly ironed blue jeans. He smiles down on her, holding two glasses of fresh ice cold lemonade.

Joe leans toward her, handing her one of the glasses. Taking off her gloves, Kelly wipes the sweat from her brow before receiving the glass and takes a sip. Joe sits on the grass beside his soon-to-be wife. Kelly holds Joe's clean shaven face with her free hand and the couple stares lovingly into each other's eyes. Kelly turns away, looking at Joe's lap; she finds a small hole in the thigh of his pants. Kelly removes her hand from Joe's face and pokes a finger through the hole, playing with the hair on his leg, and then looks back up at Joe and smirks, playfully. Joe takes Kelly's face in his hand. The happy couple leans toward each other and shares a tender kiss.

In a neighboring house an assassin as made camp. Even now, the assassin is watching the happy couple through the scope of his rifle. The man of the house lies in a pool of his own blood, motionless. As the assassin attempts to line up his shot the woman of the house becomes a bit of a distraction with her loud whimpering, despite being bound and gagged. In one quick motion, the assassin smacks the woman, hard across the face. Putting his finger to his lips, the assassin signals for her to be quiet then turns his attention back to the happy couple. As soon as he sees an opening he takes it without hesitation, firing a single bullet toward the happy couple sitting in their backyard, oblivious. The woman lets out a muffled scream at the sound of the loud bang.

Blood paints the fence and newly planted flowers a crimson red. The glass of lemonade slips from Kelly's hand and spills out onto the grass, her body falls into Joe's lap. Looking into her sky blue eyes one last time, Joe watches Kelly's life slip away. Tears well up in his eyes and roll down his cheeks, mixing with the blood splattered on his face and finally landing on Kelly's cheek as Joe cradles his bride-to-be in his arms.