When Joe wakes up the next morning he jumps off the bed to Daniels side, stunned to find him sitting in the corner of the cell, bloodied and bruised, "What happened? What did he do to you?" Joe asks.

Daniel looks at Joe through a swollen eye.

All the cell doors in the cellblock open and the inmates start filing out to form two single file lines.

"Can you stand?" Joe asks.

Daniel shakes his head, slowly.

Joe lightly grabs his arm, "Well, you have to try." Joe drapes Daniel's arm over his shoulders and carefully lifts Daniel to his feet. Daniel wretches in pain as Joe helps him out of the cell to join the rest of the inmates.

Victor James enters the cellblock, walking in-between the two lines of inmates. Every footfall echoing through out the cellblock. He stops in front of Joe, who still has Daniel's arms draped over him and his arm tucked under Daniel's, keeping Daniel from collapsing to the floor. Victor stares Joe down, slowly removing his shades, "How did you enjoy your first night in Castle Grey Skull? Was everything to your liking?" Victor asks.

Joe stares straight forward not saying a word.

Victor looks behind him. As he turns back, he pulls out his nightstick, shoves it into Joe's rib cage and pushes hard, "I asked you how your night was?" Victor repeats with his teeth clenched.

Joe lurches in pain, holding his ribs with his free hand and almost dropping Daniel, "Great" Joe swallowing his blood and gives a sarcastic smile.

Victor tosses his nightstick straight up in the air with one hand, catches it with the other hand and smacks Joe across the face with it, "What do you think this is, the Holiday Inn?! Wipe that smile off of your face!"

Daniel starts to lose balance. Joe catches him before he starts to fall. Victor cocks his head to look at Daniel then back at Joe, "What's wrong with him?" Victor points his nightstick at Daniel.

Joe doesn't answer.

"Let him go." Victor commands.

Joe ignores the order, staring straight ahead.

The guards start to move in but Victor stops them with a wave of his hand, "I don't have time for this shit. If you want to coddle the boy, so be it. Just know this, you can protect him forever." Victor turning away and taking a step to face the rest of the inmates, "Let's remind Joe here where he is, shall we?" Victor whipping around and pointing his nightstick at one of the inmates, "You! Tell our new recruit here rule number one."

The inmate Victor pointed out steps forward with his chest out and head up, "The first rule is you rule, sir, general sir!" the inmate stepping back into line.

Victor begins to pace, "Very good" Victor says approvingly before whipping around to point at another inmate with his nightstick, "You! Tell out new recruit rule number two."

The inmate Victor pointed out steps forward with his chest out and head up, "Rule number two is, we are number two, sir, general sir!" the inmate stepping back into line.

"Good." Victor doubling back to look toward Joe, "That's my favorite rule." Victor grins before continuing and then whips around to point at another inmate with his nightstick, "You! Tell our new recruit rule number three."

The inmate Victor pointed out steps forward with his chest out and head up, "The third rule is, to speak only when spoken to, sir, general sir!" the inmate stepping back into line.

Victor nods approvingly, "Next..." Victor scans the two rows of inmates as he paces between them. Drawing out the tension this time, his heavy boots echoing through out the cellblock filling the silence, "You...!" Victor pauses.

Joe lean forward just a little bit to see Victor step closer to the frightened inmate and gets in his face. Joe recognizes the inmate as the same one from the bus.

"...tell our new recruit here, rule... number... four"

The inmate attempts to step forward but Victor refuses to move, so he just stands with his chest out and head up, trying not to make eye contact with Victor, "R-rule number f-four is..." the inmate gulps, "...d-don't… cross the boss." the inmate says.

Without hesitation, Victor raises his nightstick high in the air to strike the inmate hard on the top of his head and continually beat him senselessly until he is a bruised and bloody mess. Victor stands over his victim, breathing heavily. The inmate lies curled up on the floor, cowering in fear. All the inmates and guards stand in silence as Victor takes his time to regain his composer then just leaves without saying another word. Again, the only sound filling the silence is his heavy boots echoing through out the cellblock.

The guards begin to escort the inmates to the mess hall as Dundy walks in the other direction, between the two rows of inmates. Not stopping, he grabs Daniel by the arm and starts pulling him into his cell. Daniel tenses up again but doesn't put up a fight. Joe pulls on Daniel's arm stopping him and Dundy from going into the cell. Dundy turns to stare at Joe and yanks Daniel's arm hard, causing Joe to lose his grip. Dundy throws Daniel into the cell and whips around to backhand Joe in the face. The two men stare each other down. Joe looks past Dundy at Daniel with concern. Reluctantly, Joe turns back around, runs to catch up with the inmates and gets back in line. Dundy turns back around with a big smirk on his face as he walks into the cell with Daniel and starts undoing his belt, staring down lustfully at Daniel's motionless body.

As the inmates enter the mess hall, they grab a tray and a spoon and continue moving in a single file line. The kitchen staff, whom are also inmates, splatters each of their trays with the slop of the day. They have a seat at the tables in the mess hall.

After Joe gets his food, he turns to see a sea of faces staring at him as he walks through, looking for a place to sit. One inmate, with blonde cornrows, tattoos covering both arms and chest, wearing a wife beater, the arms of his overalls tied around his waist and appears to be of Mexican heritage stands up waving Joe over to sit with him. Joe decides to take his chances, walking over to the table then sets his tray down and steps over the bench to sit next to the Mexican inmate, who after sitting back down himself, sticks his hand out toward Joe.

"Name's Hector and this is Jerry." Hector gestures toward Jerry with his head.

Joe takes Hector's hand in his, "Joe" he says, "What the heck is this stuff?"

"You get used to it." Jerry shovels a spoonful of slop into his mouth.

"Says you." Hector retorts.

"What can I say? I like it." Jerry shovels another spoonful of slop into his mouth.

"You'd eat your own snot." Hector says.

"How'd you know?" Jerry picks his nose with his pinky then looks at the booger, "Ooo, that's a big one."

Hector holds his hand out gesturing toward Jerry, "Come on, man! We're trying to eat for fucks sake."

Jerry pops his pinky with the booger on it in his mouth, "Mmm..."

Hector cringes as he pushes his tray away from him, "Well, I just lost my appetite." Hector says begrudgingly.

Joe pushes his tray away, calmly, "I didn't have much of an appetite, in the first place."

Hector turns toward Joe, "So, what you in for?"

Joe doesn't answer.

"Yo! I asked you a question."

Joe looks at Hector out of the corner of his eye then back down at the table in front of him, "…I'm innocent."

"Aren't we all, but that wasn't my question."

Joe remains silent, still staring down at the table.

Hector grabs Joe by his shoulder, "Hey! Answer my question."

Joe lets out a sigh, "...I was framed for murdering my fiancée."

"Shit, man. That's rough." Hector says, "Sorry."

Joe looks toward the guards stationed at the door, "Are the guards abusive here?"

Hector looks at Joe puzzled, "Ah, you must be talking about Alex Dundy. That dudes got issues, if you ask me."

"Well, I think he's taking out his issues on my cellmate."

"You mean, Daniel? Yeah, he's one of Dundy's favorite sex toys."

Joe launches himself at Hector, grabbing him by the front of his jumpsuit and gets in his face, "Daniel is not a sex toy! Got it?!"

Hector holds his hands up in surrender, "Alright man, I got it. Relax."

"Settle down over there!" one of the guards yells.

Joe lets go of Hector and sits back down.

Hector straightens himself up, "Damn, remind me not to get on your bad side."

Joe stares down at the table, "Why doesn't anyone do anything? I mean, he shouldn't be doing that."

"Oh? Like what? Kill him? Cause that's the only way to stop him. Word is he made himself a special arrangement with the warden." Hector pauses, "Look man, it's better for everyone involved if you just forget about it. Trust me."

Joe takes a moment to let out a deep sigh then slowly turns his head slightly to look at Hector, "What are you in for?"

"Thought you'd never ask." Hector points to himself, "...armed robbery..." then quickly points to Jerry, "...assault and battery." a moments pause, "His girlfriend. You wanna hear the funny part?" Hector leans closer toward Joe, "She said she'd take him back when he gets out."

Jerry slams his fist on the table, "It was an accident!" Jerry shouts.

Hector leans back with his hands up, "Whoa, calm down big guy. No one said it wasn't."

Joe keeps his head down, trying to contain his laughter.

"What's so funny, huh?" Jerry straightens up in his seat.

"Nothing" Joe hides a smirk.

Jerry relaxes and goes back to stuffing his face.

Joe turns his head to look toward Hector, "So… armed robbery?"

Hector looks down, stabbing at his food with his spoon, "...yeah" looking up at Joe, "What about it?"

Not breaking eye contact, "Money tight?"

"When is it not and why do you care, anyway?"

"You said it."

"Yeah, so?"

Joe shrugs and turns back to his food. The trio sits in silence. Jerry stops eating to look up at Joe and Hector then slams his fists on the table, "Somebody say something! Please, I can't take the silence." Jerry holds his head in both hands and rocks back and forth. Joe and Hector jump at the sudden out burst.

"Damn. Relax, Jer." Hector says.

Jerry stops rocking and puts his hands on the table, keeping his head down, "Sorry, I don't like quiet."

"Yeah, I think we got that." Hector and Joe look at each other wide eyed.

Joe looks over Hector's shoulder to see the inmate from the bus, again, and taps Hectors shoulder while keeping his gaze on the inmate, "Who is that guy?" Joe points to the inmate.

Hector turns around to look at where Joe is pointing then turns back and shrugs, "Got me. Must be one of the newbies, didn't he come in with you?"

"I think he recognized me on the bus."

"Yeah? You recognize him?"

"Doesn't look familiar."

"Looks like you might have a stalker. I'd watch my back, if I were you."

"Gee, thanks." Joe looks back to see a large black man hovering over the inmate from the bus, "Who's that?"

Hector rolls his eyes as he glances back to where Joe pointed then quickly whips back around, "Shit! You really gotta learn to mind your own damn business, if you want to survive in here."

Joe turns back around and looks at Hector, "Who is he?"

"Keep your voice down." Hector says through the side of his mouth, "That's Tyrone Beckfeld but they call him the Dream Maker because when he's done with you, you'll wish your whole existence had been a dream."

"What did he do to get put in here?"

"You don't want to know."

Jerry looks up from his tray, "He raped his sister's rapist."

"Damn it, Jer! If I wanted him to know, I would have told him myself!" Hector shouts and Jerry.

"Sorry" Jerry goes back to stuffing his face.

Hector slaps his hand on Joe's shoulder, grabbing it, "At least you don't have to worry about your stalker problem anymore." Hector removes his hand and turns back to his food.

A moments silence passes before Joe stands, "I'm going to go talk to him."

Hector grabs Joe by the arm, pulling him back down, "Are you insane? Did you now here what Jerry said? Your dude belongs to the Dream Maker, now."


"His property, his possession, his ownership, his custody… His bitch and I guarantee you go anywhere near your little friend and you'll be dreamin that you hadn't."

"Does he ever leave his side?"

"Considering your boy just got here, yesterday? No."

"Well, is there anyway to separate them?"

"Man, do you have a death wish? What is your obsession with this dude, anyway? If you go looking for trouble, you're bound to find it, you know that right?"

"Trouble seems to find me."

"Well, if that's the case maybe I shouldn't be sitting next to you."

"You gotta help me get close to him."

"Have you not been listening to me?"

"If this guy knows who I am maybe he knows what happened to my fiancée."

"That's a bit of a stretch, don't you think?"

"Maybe but it's the only lead I've got, so far."

"Lead? Motherfucker, who do you think you are Dick Tracy?"

"Will you help me or not."

Hector sighs deeply, "I can't very well have your death on my conscience. So, I guess that means I'm in."

"Great! Thank you so much. I promise you won't regret it."

"I already am."