dear c,

i'm not sure you remember me. you probably don't, even though you dumped me a year ago today. they always said you were a ladies man- guess i fell for that lie as well- you went through girls as fast as i go through gum packs.

we started dating six months before you dumped me. you were my first real boyfriend. i thought we were going strong, thought that maybe we could take this relationship deeper, but then you found out something that i didn't realized was so important to you:

i was seven months older than you.

i never even considered that fact as a blockage, a problem. but you did. "it's... just not right," you stuttered. we fought that day, and you stormed out, leaving me in a blubbering heap of tears.

you stopped talking to me. all communication- verbal and cyber- was cut off. i thought maybe you were just busy.

and then you started toting her around on your arm.

we were through, you had said to everyone. you forgot one important detail, though, one mistake in your master plan:

you didn't tell me we were over.

and so you left. i'm bitter, sure. it shouldn't matter that i'm older than you.

i wrote this to tell you that i'm over you. why it matters that i'm telling you, i don't know.

i say goodbye to the bittersweet memories of you and i. farewell, old friend.