Author's Notes: This is the third instalment in the 'Crimson Archives'. If you want to see a full list of instalments ordered by chronology, take look at my profile.

A few hours after finishing a delivery, Roxy was lying on her bed as always. She was wandering around in her own thoughts with her eyes closed. Unfortunately, her pleasant moment of silence got interrupted when her mother knocked on her door.

"What…" Roxy whispered.

"Roxy. I have bad news." Sandy said.

"Please… don't come in." Roxy whispered.

"I won't come in. But Roxy, there's one thing… it's about Butch." Sandy said.

"What's wrong?" Roxy asked.

"Well, He collapsed in the city hall around an hour ago. One of the guards noticed it, and brought him to the hospital. It's currently unknown what's wrong with him, but I'm just telling you that you aren't allowed to have fun with him while he's at the hospital. I asked one of the employees to stay in touch with me. So if Butch gets his diagnosis, the hospitals calls me on the phone." Sandy said. Sandy left the corridor, and she went downstairs.

Sandy's words made Roxy feel uneasy. Roxy tried to deal with it, but she couldn't. Roxy tried to continue her pleasant moment of silence, but it wasn't easy. Roxy went out of bed, and walked towards the window in her room. She looked outside, and gazed at the beautiful skies of Stardustia. Roxy tried not to think about what happened to Butch, but she couldn't.

Eventually, it was 7 PM, which meant that it was time for dinner. Roxy walked towards the entrance door of her room, opened the door, and she left the room. Roxy closed the door, and walked downstairs.

Roxy entered the kitchen, where Penny, Jerry and Sandy were waiting for her. Roxy took a seat at the table, and she stared at her plate. Roxy found it hard to eat, but she did it anyway.

"Hey, honey…" Sandy said, trying to cheer her daughter up.

"I don't want to talk about this." Roxy replied. The dinner continued silently like always.

After the silent dinner, Roxy left the kitchen, and she went upstairs. She walked towards her room and she opened the door. She entered her room, closed the door, and walked towards the window in her room. She started staring at the skies, while being lost in her own thoughts.

After hours of wandering around in her own thoughts, Roxy walked away from the window, and walked towards her wardrobe. Roxy undressed, put on her pyjamas, brushed her teeth, strolled towards her bed, and she lied down and tried to fall asleep. Fortunately, Roxy managed to fall asleep.

Roxy woke up the next day, and she was still feeling uneasy. Roxy wanted to move on with her life, but that wasn't easy. Roxy stood up, walked towards her wardrobe, and got dressed. Then, Roxy went downstairs, and went into the kitchen, where Penny was having breakfast.

"Good morning, Roxy." Penny said. Roxy waved at Penny without looking at her. Roxy grabbed a plate, and she warmed spaghetti rests from the previous day. Then, Roxy brought her plate of spaghetti to the table, and she sat down, and started eating.

"Are you still feeling sad, cousin?" Penny asked politely. Roxy nodded. Roxy continued eating her spaghetti. After finishing her spaghetti, Roxy's mother walked downstairs.

"Good morning, Roxy and Penny." Sandy said.

"Hello, aunt Sandy." Penny said. Roxy waved at her mother. At that moment, the phone rang. Roxy didn't want to stand up, so Sandy walked towards the phone, and answered it.

"Hello, you're speaking with Sandy Matthews." Sandy asked.

"Can I speak with your daughter? It's about Butch." A woman behind the phone asked.

"My daughter doesn't like talking to strangers. Can't Roxy talk with Butch instead?" Sandy asked.

"No, she can't. Butch is in a bad condition." The woman behind the phone said.

"Bad condition? You can tell me what it is. I'll tell Roxy afterwards." Sandy said.

"Well, I'm sorry to say that Butch is pretty ill. It turns out that he suffers from 'Minural Disease', which causes his bloodstream to decelerate, until he eventually dies of heart failure. The cause of the disease is unknown, but a heart transplant doesn't help, because the entire disease has completely spread through his bloodstream." The woman behind the phone answered.

"How long does he have left to live?" Sandy asked.

"Only a week, maybe two." The woman behind the phone replied. Sandy hung up, and she turned around and walked towards Roxy.

"Roxy, I have bad news…" Sandy said.

"What is it?" Roxy asked.

"Butch is very ill. He suffers from Minural Disease, which slows down his bloodstream. The doctor said that he'll die in one week, maybe two." Sandy said.

"Isn't there a cure?" Roxy asked.

"No, there is nothing that the doctors can do." Sandy replied. Roxy felt even more miserable after hearing that. Roxy stood up from her seat, walked towards the staircase and she went upstairs. She walked towards the door of her room, and she entered her room. She walked towards her bed, and sat down on her bed. Fortunately, Roxy had a day off, so she didn't need to worry about missing work – she didn't have any work that day.

Meanwhile, Penny finished her breakfast, and she packed her bag. Then, Penny walked towards the front door, and she opened the door and left the house. Then, Penny ran towards Civillis Academy, the academy that most kids in the city of Civillis, Stardustia, attended. After a lot of running, Penny arrived at the schoolyard of Civillis academy, and a lot of kids stared at her when she arrived. It was Penny's first day at Civillis Academy, because Penny was a transfer student from Crescentia.

Initially, Penny was supposed to attend Civillis Academy - for the first time - on the day after she arrived in Stardustia. However, her adventure with the silver melody delayed her attendance with 11 days.

After arriving at the schoolyard, Penny walked towards the entrance of Civillis Academy, and opened the gate. She walked towards classroom 11, and she opened the door, where her new class was waiting for her.

"Ah, the new transfer the student. Come in, dear." The teacher of the class said. Penny entered the classroom, with the kids looking at her. Penny walked to the front of the class.

"You can introduce yourself." The teacher said.

"Hello everyone, my name is Penny Pemberton. I'm 12 years old, I'm from Crescentia, and my parents are on a business trip. I'm a talkative person, and I love playing the flute." Penny said with a lot of confidence. Penny walked towards an empty table, and she sat down.

"Hello Penny, I'm Mrs McFly." The teacher said.

A few minutes later, the lessons started. Penny's first school subject of the day was history.

"Who was the first president of Stardustia?" Mrs McFly asked. Penny didn't know the answer. A random boy in class raised his hand in the air.

"Say it." Mrs McFly said.

"Dale Worth." The boy answered.

"Correct." Mrs McFly said.

After the first period, Penny and her class had PE. The period started with a badminton match, and Penny ended up in a team with one boy and another girl. Penny was pretty athletic, and she did managed to score a few times. Unfortunately for Penny's team, the counterparty was a bit better, and they ended up losing the badminton match. After the badminton match, they played a football match.

After the PE period, it was lunchtime, and Penny sat outside on the schoolyard, eating her lunch. Penny thought that it would be an ordinary day of school. However, just when she stood up after she finished her lunch, a pedestrian bumped into her. The pedestrian wore a long, blue trench coat, and he had white hair.

"Sorry." The pedestrian said briefly. A piece of paper fell out of the pedestrian's pocket. Penny picked up the piece of paper, and looked at it.

"Goal: Finding the blue crystal.
Location: The forest of Crystella."

Those words were written on the piece of paper. Penny walked towards the pedestrian.

"Excuse me sir, you dropped this." Penny said.

"Thanks." The pedestrian said, and he grasped the piece of paper out of Penny's hands. The pedestrian walked away.

"I wonder what 'Blue Crystal' means." Penny thought.

Penny went back into the school, and walked towards the school library. Penny entered the school library, and she started looking for an encyclopaedia. Penny looked around, and she found a book called 'Encyclopaedia B". Penny grabbed the book from the shelves, opened the book, and went to the 'Bl' category. It took her a while and multiple reads, but eventually, she found what she was looking for:

"Blue Crystal: A crystal that gives the finder the opportunity to grant one wish. It's existence is debatable."

"Why is there a page about a blue crystal in an encyclopaedia? How does that pedestrian know where to find one?" Penny asked herself. Penny didn't know it herself. Penny walked towards the printer of the school library, where she printed a copy of the page.

After a few hours of school, the school day came to an end, and Penny left the school building and walked towards the Matthews' house. Penny arrived at the house, opened the door, and she entered the living room. Penny took off her shoes, and she went upstairs. She walked towards Roxy's room, and knocked on the door.

"I don't want to talk…" Roxy said. Nonetheless, Penny opened the door, and encountered Roxy.

"Leave." Roxy demanded.

"Listen up, I'm here to help you. Butch can still be saved." Penny replied.

"Really? How?" Roxy asked. Penny gave Roxy the copy of the page from the encyclopaedia. Roxy read it.

"Blue crystal?" Roxy asked softly.

"Yes. The blue crystal gives the finder the opportunity to grant wishes." Penny replied.

"Sounds good. Where is it?" Roxy asked.

"I bumped into a pedestrian during lunchtime. He dropped a slip of paper. There was something about the blue crystal written on it. The pedestrian wrote something about 'finding the blue crystal' and that the blue crystal is currently located in the forest of Crystella." Penny said.

"Thanks." Roxy muttered. Penny left the room, and left Roxy alone, which Roxy appreciated.

That night, Roxy stood up, and she went out of bed. Roxy took off her pyjamas, got dressed, and she packed her suitcase. Roxy walked downstairs with her suitcase, while being slightly lost in her thoughts…

"You've finally arrived."

Roxy got alert all of the sudden, when she realized that she heard Penny's voice at the door. Roxy walked towards the door.

"Penny?" Roxy asked.

"I'm coming with you." Penny said.

"I'm not sure about that." Roxy mumbled.

"I don't have any school today, because it's Saturday. Not only that, I will help you. I really will." Penny said.

"Okay, then." Roxy replied, and she opened the door softly. Penny and Roxy left the house, and they walked towards the parking garage. They entered the parking garage, and they walked towards Roxy's brand-new starship.

"Didn't your spaceship break down during one of your adventures? Uncle Jerry told me about it." Penny said.

"It did. But I got a new one – which looks exactly like my old one – from the insurance company." Roxy said, and she walked towards the trunk of her starship. Roxy opened the trunk.

"Step inside." Roxy muttered.

"I don't know…" Penny said.

"There are two mattresses in the back of the spaceship." Roxy said.

"I don't believe it myself." Penny said, but she took a look anyway. And Roxy was right: There were two mattresses in the back of Roxy's ship. Penny stepped inside, and lied down on a mattress. Not only that, her mattress also had a seatbelt. Penny buckled her seatbelt, and Roxy closed the trunk. Roxy walked towards the cockpit door, opened it, and she entered the cockpit and sat down.

"Hey Roxy, how did you get your first spaceship?" Penny asked.

"My first one used to be owned by my dad, but my dad is in a wheelchair, so he cannot use it anymore." Roxy muttered. Roxy started the engines, and her starship ascended. When the spaceship started flying forward, Roxy took a turn to the left, and the spaceship flew towards the exit of the parking garage. The exit door opened automatically, and Roxy and Penny left the parking garage. A new adventure began.

After an hour of flying through the skies, Penny got a bit bored, and she wanted to do something fun.

"Hey Roxy, shall we do something fun during our journey?" Penny asked.

"I don't know. Why do you ask?" Roxy mumbled.

"Well, I'm getting a bit bored here…" Penny stated.

"Already?" Roxy asked softly.

"Is that a bad thing?" Penny asked.

"Not at all. But I never get bored myself." Roxy said.

"Never?" Penny replied.

"Never. I can enjoy myself. Sometimes for hours straight." Roxy said.

"Enjoy yourself? For hours straight?" Penny asked surprised.

"It's not difficult. Just close your eyes, and focus on your thoughts. Sunk yourselves into them." Roxy said.

"I'm 12, Roxy. I have experienced a lot of things in life, and I remember some things that are worth remembering… but doesn't it get repetitive when I constantly think about the same things over and over again?" Penny asked.

"It's not about what you've experienced. It's about what you create." Roxy stated.

"Okay, then." Penny said, and she closed her eyes. Penny tried her best to create something beautiful in her thoughts. Something significant. Something that she could hold on to. Penny thought about becoming a famous flute player. Penny thought about making a very beautiful melody on her flute. Penny tried to visualize it, but that was difficult for her. In the end, Penny didn't manage to enjoy herself.

"I can't, Roxy, I can't. You are much better at visualizing than me. Is it because of that disorder of yours? I'm just asking." Penny said

"Autism doesn't define me, Penny. But I also agree that I might be a bit better at visualizing. I'm not trying to sound selfish here." Roxy stated.

"You don't have to feel ashamed for saying that, Roxy. I understand. Everyone has his/hers ways to enjoy themselves/others. Shall I tell you a joke? I love telling jokes." Penny replied.

"Nah, I prefer silence. It sounds weird, but silence has its merits." Roxy mumbled. Penny reluctantly decided not to talk. After a while, however, Penny noticed that the silence was very relaxing. Penny fell asleep.

Two hours later, Roxy noticed that it was 7 AM, and she knew what time it was: Time for breakfast. Roxy noticed that she was flying above parking area, so Roxy prepared for a landing, while Penny woke up.

"Are we there yet?" Penny asked.

"No, but it's 7 AM, so it's time for breakfast." Roxy said.

"7 AM? I'm not hungry… and It's Saturday, Roxy. Let me sleep in…" Penny said.

"I just want to stay in my routine." Roxy stated.

"It's fine, cousin. I'm just telling you that I'm not hungry." Penny said. Roxy landed her airship on a parking area, and she took off her seatbelt. Roxy opened her suitcase that was standing next to her, and she grabbed a pack of cornflakes and a bowl and a spoon, and she filled her bowl with milk and cornflakes. Roxy ate her breakfast, and after finishing her breakfast, she needed to use the bathroom.

"Penny. Can you watch over my ship while I'm gone?" Roxy asked.

"Sure thing, Roxy. One question: How long does it take before we are in Crystella?" Penny asked.

"A few hours." Roxy stated. Roxy left the cockpit with her laser gun in her back pocket, and she looked around on the parking area, and noticed that there was a convenience store located on the parking area. She walked towards the convenience store, and she entered the convenience store. Roxy went to the toilet, while Penny stayed in the trunk of Roxy's airship. However, there was a man standing next to Roxy's spaceship, who was also at the parking area by coincidence. The man overheard Penny talking about the blue crystal. The man wore a long, blue trench coat, and he had white hair.

"It looks like… I've got a rival." The man said. The man headed towards the trunk door of Roxy's starship, and tried to open it. However, it was locked.

"Roxy? Are you back?" Penny asked. Penny didn't know it wasn't Roxy, because the trunk didn't have a window. After a lot of trying, the man managed to open the trunk by forcing it. Penny turned her head towards the man.

"Wait a minute… You are the guy that I ran into on the schoolyard!" Penny said.

"Exactly." The man stated, and he grabbed Penny, and pulled her out of the trunk.


"You know too much, Penny." The man said.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! WHO ARE YOU?" Penny shouted, while trying to release herself.

"You can just call me 'Ian'." The man said. Unfortunately for Ian, Roxy already left the convenience store. When Roxy saw Ian trying to capture Penny, Roxy didn't hesitate. Roxy lifted her laser gun, and shot Ian. Ian got hit in the chest, and he dropped Penny. Ian got stunned, and he fell on the ground. Roxy walked towards Penny. Despite Roxy's slow movement, she managed to reach Penny with Ian still lying on the ground. Roxy pointed her laser gun at Ian.

"Why did you try to attack my family?" Roxy asked.

"Roxy, don't you have trouble socializing with strangers?" Penny asked.

"Yes I do, but not when they are off-guard." Roxy replied.

"Foolish humans… I will… rule this world." Ian gasped.

"Rule this world?" Roxy asked.

"Why do you want to find the blue crystal? How did you get the slip of paper? How did you get the location?" Penny asked.

"I got the slip of paper… because it isn't mine." Ian said, and he fell unconscious.

"Gee, I wonder what he meant with 'Rule this world'. Oh, and Roxy, one question: Aren't you only allowed to use your laser gun out of self-defence?" Penny asked.

"Using a laser gun to protect a relative doesn't sound like a prohibited thing to me." Roxy stated softly.

"What shall we do with him? Bring him to the police?" Penny asked.

"There's not enough evidence to get him in prison. We'll just leave him behind." Roxy said. Penny entered the starship again, and Roxy walked towards the cockpit door of the spaceship. Roxy opened the door, and she entered the cockpit. Roxy started the engines, and her spaceship ascended, and Roxy and Penny continued the adventure.

After a few hours, the time finally arrived: Roxy and Penny arrived in Crystella. Roxy looked through the windshield, and she gazed at the beautiful, light-blue, fantasy-styled forest of Crystella.

"Well, Penny, we're here." Roxy mumbled.

"Yes!" Penny cheered. Roxy flew above the gorgeous forests of Crystella, while trying to find a landing spot. It wasn't easy to land a spaceship in a forest without affecting the beautiful trees. Fortunately, Roxy found an almost tree-less spot, so she prepared for a landing. Roxy descended, and she landed her starship. Roxy opened the cockpit door, left the cockpit, and she walked towards the trunk of her spaceship. Roxy opened the trunk, and Penny dismantled her seatbelt. Penny stood up, and she left the back of the spaceship, while taking her silver flute with her.

"Well, this is it, Penny." Roxy stated.

"How are we going to find the blue crystal?" Penny asked.

"We'll split up." Roxy said.

"How will we find the way back when we eventually find the blue crystal?" Penny said.

"I have a handheld GPS system, which I got with my new spaceship. That way, I'm able to find the way back to the ship." Roxy stated. Roxy and Penny split up; Roxy went west, Penny went east.

Roxy walked through the woods, while trying to focus on the forest, which wasn't easy, as Roxy had trouble with focusing things that didn't interest her. Roxy didn't really like searching. Roxy got easily lost in her thoughts during the search, but she tried to stay sharp.

"Think about Butch, Roxy. Think about Butch." Roxy said to herself. Roxy looked around, as her patience was going downhill. She started to get frustrated, and she tried to calm herself in order not to get a meltdown. Roxy continued searching, unaware of the fact that someone was following her…

After a lot of searching, Roxy stumbled across a wooden hatch, which was located on the ground. Roxy opened the hatch, and she saw a staircase going downstairs, leading into an underground tomb. Just when she was about to go downstairs, she got electrocuted. Roxy's muscled stiffened, and she fell on the ground.

"Well, hello." It was Ian's voice. Ian was holding a Taser and a rope.

"I-Ian… H-how d-did you get here?" Roxy stuttered while still being able to talk.

"As I already said, the piece of paper isn't mine. I stole it from someone else who was looking for the blue crystal. I killed that person. I don't know how that person found the location. Nonetheless, I'm going to use the blue crystal, to wish for a world. A world where I rule, and where humans aren't flawed." Ian said and he chuckled.

"Flawed?" Roxy asked.

"Human beings are terrible. See the problems that they have caused over the years. I will put an end to this." Ian replied. Ian laughed evilly. Ian tied Roxy's arms and legs with a rope, and he walked downstairs into the tomb. Roxy felt incredibly frustrated, and she didn't know what to do. And before Roxy knew it, she got a meltdown.

"PENNY! HELP ME!" Roxy screamed harder than ever. Penny heard Roxy's voice.

"Roxy?" Penny asked. Penny turned around, and she ran towards Roxy's voice, while Roxy continued screaming, Penny ran towards Roxy's voice.

Fortunately, Roxy wasn't far away from Roxy at all, and before Penny knew it, she arrived at the hatch. Roxy was lying on the grass next to the hatch, completely handcuffed. Penny entered the tomb, and she looked around. The tomb was very big, and the ground was divided. The divide between the two grounds was very long and extremely deep, and there was a rope bridge that connected both sides of the ground. And there it was: at the opposite side of the ground, was the blue crystal.

Penny noticed that Ian was halfway through on the rope bridge. The reason why it took so long for Ian, was because the rope bridge missed a couple of planks, and Ian was relatively slow. Penny knew that she had to do something fast. At that moment, Penny realized that she was still holding the silver flute.

"Hey, you there!" Penny shouted. Ian turned around. Then, Penny played the silver melody on the flute. Ian started walking towards Penny. Ian walked faster than before, but surprisingly didn't fall through any of the crevices. Ian arrived at Penny's side of the ground, and Penny stopped playing the melody to prevent losing her energy.

"Farewell, Ian." Penny said, and she pushed Ian into the divide.

After thirty seconds, Penny could easily hear the sound of an impact, indicating that the divide was extremely deep, and Penny was sure about one thing – Ian died. Penny walked towards the rope bridge, and she carefully walked to the opposite side of the ground.

It took her a while, but eventually, Penny reached the opposite side, and there it was: The blue crystal. Penny grabbed the blue crystal, and put it in the pocket of her Colbert vest. Then, Penny turned around, and she walked over the rope bridge again, this time towards the staircase.

After a while, Penny reached the staircase, and she walked upstairs. Penny opened the hatch, and she came back into the forest. Roxy was still lying on the ground. Penny untied Roxy, but Roxy was still in shock.

"Don't worry, cousin. I've got the crystal." Penny said. Roxy calmed down after hearing that. It took a while, but eventually, Roxy stood up, and Penny gave Roxy the blue crystal.

"I don't know how this works…" Roxy said.

"Just try." Penny said.

"I wish that Butch Beckham, the president of Stardustia, gets cured." Roxy muttered. A dazzling flash occurred. Then, the blue crystal disappeared.

"Your wish has been granted" an eerie voice whispered in Roxy's ear. Penny and Roxy walked back towards the spaceship, and decided to call it a day. Roxy entered the cockpit, and Penny entered the trunk. Then, Roxy ascended her spaceship, and they returned to Stardustia.

It was the beginning of the evening when Roxy and Penny arrived at Stardustia's parking garage. Roxy parked her starship, and Roxy left the cockpit. Roxy walked towards the trunk, and opened the trunk. Penny got out of the back, and Roxy closed the trunk. Penny and Roxy walked towards the exit. Roxy opened the exit door, and they left the parking garage.

"I still wonder how the blue crystal was made." Penny said.

"I don't know, Penny. And we will never, ever know." Roxy said. After minutes of walking, Roxy arrived at the Matthews' house, and opened the door. Roxy and Penny entered the house, and they went into the living room.

"Hello, Roxy." It was Butch's voice.

"Welcome back, Butch." Roxy mumbled. Butch was sitting on the couch, looking extremely healthy and well. Sandy and Jerry were also in the living room. Penny took a seat on the couch, and fell asleep.

"I don't know how Butch got cured all of the sudden. He made a miraculous recovery." Sandy said.

"I don't know either. But Butch is cured, and that's what matters." Roxy said.

The End