Chapter 1

Disaster with the vet

The dogs howled at the animal shelter as the veterinarian ran in accompanied with her assistant. They laid the bird on the table, seconds later the assistant ran to get a needle.

"Catherine, when should I inject the painkiller?!" He asked in panic, His first emergence.

"I don't know! This is an odd case!" She replied holding the bird down. The bird squawked loudly at them, it was covered in a bluish purple chemical that was soaking into its body "Inject the needed in the neck" she said calmly. The assistant looked dumb struck "NOW!"

The dogs barked loudly in the background as the needle pierced into the animal on the table. A knock on the door came almost seconds later and then a man ran in still wearing his lab coat and plastic glasses.

"Is my owl okay?" He asked in less of a panic then the assistant was acting. He ran to the table to look at the brown owl as it was still wrestling to escape even as the needle stuck deep from its neck. The assistant pumped the medicine in it at last "NO!" The scientist suddenly yelled as the owl slowly stopped breathing "HE WILL DIE NOW!" came seconds later.

Catherine checked the owls heart beat, nothing. She let go of the animal and turned to the scientist

"Sorry, it's gone" she said quietly "If only he was taking to me earlier I could have-"

"No, its okay, I should have told you that her body would die if medicine was giving to her but it doesn't matter anymore, I have a new experiment for her"

"It's a she?"


Here, I'll take her back to the laboratory"

The scientist took the long cloth the assistant handed him and wrapped the owl in it. As he left for the door she asked "Are you going to bisect it?"

He stopped 2 inches from the door "I guess you could say that".

The door slammed shut a moment later leaving the vet and her assistant with the howling dogs.