Chapter 20


In three weeks Savier was the loner of the school except when she made contact with a boy at a car park.

"I'm moving today." Luke said to her quietly.

"I know." she replied to him "Why?"

"You know why,"

She hummed a little "You know Luke, I do. But you know why this is all happening?"

Luke shook his head slowly with his eyes close.

"Kate. She could've stopped all this by just eating the lasagne."

Luke just gave a small moan when he gazed back at her "You've change, I used to like you."

"You nether liked me Luke, and I never liked you." She replied.

"You have an answer to everything Savier, you can solve it all." Luke said, she nodded "Then why are you making me move?"

"Because we aren't friends anymore."

Luke's mum pulled up and before he got in he had one more thing to say.

"You're wrong about something…

I don't like you, I hate you."

Savier smiled as he got in and the car drove off "No you don't."

She zoomed up her eyes and watched the car for a few extra seconds before it disappeared.

"Maybe I should use my blood as a cure." She said to herself "But then, I wouldn't be one of a kind anymore."