Chapter 1

Ahh! Life was great. Good grades in school, great friends…

And to think it was all going to end right NOW!

Nick has blue eyes and messy brown hair, perhaps because he was asleep and doesn't tend to sleep brush (that's when someone brushes their hair as they sleep). He's fifteen, the alarm clock next to him showed in clear white numbers 5:15.

"NICK!" Julie screamed into his ear, quite loudly. She's his mother, her blonde curly hair bobbed up and down making her small nose look smaller and her big enough chin look huge.

He opened his eyes immediately with shock, going deaf for a moment in his left ear which was the one she had yelled into.

He rubbed his eyes and sat up, yawning "Mum? It's-" he looked at the alarm clock "five fifteen?"

He quickly noticed that she was out of her pyjamas and wearing a demin jacket, black pants and a white long sleeved shirt and in each of her hands were two suitcases.

"Nick!" she said excitedly "We're moving!"

"When?" he asked feeling his life would be no longer great from now on.

"Right now!" she said passing the suitcase in her right hand to her left and pulling him out of the bed.

"What? How, did this happen?" he asked confused only, he couldn't bring himself to process any other emotion. Julie didn't answer; she just pulled him out of the room and down the stairs "What about my life?" he asked as he was pulled into the kitchen.

"You'll get a new one!" she said in an encouraging tone with no real concern. She grabbed the brush on the table and brushed his hair down rapidly.

"My friends!" Nick shouted at her grabbing the brush out of her hand, he looked at all the hairs she had pulled out of his head in surprise, but quickly threw the brush aside.

"Honey, we both know you never had friends." she said trying to break that news to him in a comforting way but still she didn't care.

She picked up the two suitcases which she had set onto the ground with her left hand and grabbed Nick's left arm with her empty hand and pulled him again.

"MY EDUCATION!" he shouted thinking of another reason why they can't move.

"We never expected much from you, Nick." she said quickly.

Was that an insult?, he thought angrily.

Julie opened the front door and led him outside letting go of his arm.

Their old rusty truck was on the road and his dad, Randy was beeping the horn. Twelve suitcases were in the trailer thrown on top of each other. He quickly noticed something was forgotten.

"What about the furniture mum?" he asked putting his hands on his hips waiting for a logical answer.

"We actually got a great deal on that!" she said walking quickly to the trailer, she threw the two suitcases into it "Well come on," she said impatiently "We have to be gone by five thirty!"

He didn't know what to do; He ran over to the truck and got in the back seat. Julie got into the front seat to the side of Randy, he pulled back the car's lever and after a jerk from the engine they started driving.

Nick looked around trying to understand what was happening; the shock from when he woke had kept him awake but now it was starting to ware off and sleepiness started to approach him.

This has to be a dream, he thought yawning, and Mum and Dad would never suddenly move and especially wouldn't take me in my pyjamas! He looked down at himself saying this. He yawned again and lay back on the dirty seat that had springs sticking out of it.He looked at his parent's seats in front of him, Yep, this is differently a dream. Mum's hair isn't that… He closed his eyes.

He opened them again after awhile to see that his bedroom ceiling was over his head. He quickly sat up and clapped his hands together in joy "Yes, it was just a dream!" he said relieved.

Suddenly an enormously loud voice shouted "NICK!"

He jumped on the trucks seat.

"Nick, you fell asleep there," Randy said, he had one arm swung over his seat and his head turned to see him.

"Oh my God!" Nick said to himself coming back to the grips of reality "I'm back in this horrible dream!" He closed his eyes "Get back, get back!" he said thinking back to his bed. He punched himself in the stomach thinking that this would wake him up "URH!" he yelled, bending forward in pain "This is only DREAM PAIN!" he reminded himself sitting back up but his raging sore stomach made him lean back down "No, no it's not!" he realized quickly.

"Are you okay Nick?" Julie asked turning over on her seat to look at what all the commotion was "Randy, keep your eyes on the road!" she commanded her husband who didn't obey.

"It's five twenty," Randy replied laughing "What kind of nut would be on the road at this time of the day?"

Nick seriously wanted to hit his father over the head to give him a clue who the nut was but his arms were still wrapped around his stomach trying to quench the pain.

After a couple of minutes he sat back up straight as his pain wasn't as agonizing anymore, but still hurt.

He came to the question that he had to have answered.

"SO WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" he asked yelling at them "If this isn't a dream-which I am shocked!" he added "Then what is happening?"

"Oh! Your gonna love it Nick!" Randy said excitedly looking back at him.


The truck drove off the road; he quickly pulled the driving stick back to stop the car. He reversed it back on the road.

"I don't love it!" Nick said sarcastically with a hiss.

He looked in the car mirror to see his dad grin, he had black messy hair, big eyebrows, a big nose and chin (Nick hopes when his grown up he doesn't look like either of his parents).

"Nick, how would you deal with the news that soon, we're gonna, be… Rich!' Randy said letting go of the driving wheel and throwing his hands in the air in the "SURPRISE!" motion hitting them on the trucks roof "Ahh!" he yelled in agony "Son of a-"

"The road!" Julie reminded him; he grabbed hold of the driving wheel again.

"Rich?" Nick said wandering what he was talking about and coming to the conclusion that maybe his dad was really a nut, and so that was why they were driving on the road at that time in the morning.

"Your dad was offered a job that pays one thousand, five hundred a week!" Julie said instead of him.

"Really? Like a promotion? But how'd someone get a promotion in striping?" Nick asked.

She hit him on the arm telling him off.

"I was offered an office job that gets me putting away files and doing calculations, along with other stuff of course!" Randy explained "But I have to be at the place by tomorrow or else their giving it to another guy- plus my new job is eighteen hours away."

"What!?" he yelled.

"So we sold the house last night to the man who had retired from my job and we brought his house." he finished.

"Plus another plus," Julie added "He said that we could swap furniture, He'll leave all his furniture at his old place and we'll leave ours' at our old place."

"What about my education?" Nick asked.

"The company is exclusive so all the workers' children are sent to a private school" Randy explained.

He put his hand down on the ground into a pile of papers then pulled at a sheet "Here it is," he said looking at the headline "Post pr-ma-ry school."

"PRIMARY!" he yelled pulling himself forward to see over his father's big head to the sheet.

"Oh sorry, I was reading the primary schools of the area. Your going to Hap-py school" he corrected himself, he put the paper back on the ground and concentrated back on the road.

Nick leaned back onto his seat.

"You're going to love it there, Nick!" Julie said looking at him in the car mirror on her side "I hear they have the nicest kids ever and the teachers there are really well trained in their subjects. I've heard they've got the youngest teacher in the world working there"

"Well I must say the name isn't a downer, happy school." he said thinking of the name.

"And the kid's that don't get in through the company get in because their parents are wealthy." she said.

"Great," he said now a little bit disappointed "A Happy School full of rich snobs. I think that's why their happy."

"Oh Nick, don't look at every thing so negatively, you're usually more positive!" Randy said.

"YOU WOKE ME UP AT FIVE IN THE MORNING TO TELL ME THAT MY WHOLE LIFE IS GOING TO BE CHANGED!" he shouted at them, shocked that they didn't know what was wrong with him. He leaned his head on the window and looked through to the dark morning.

"You're starting school tomorrow by the way" she quickly added then went silent.

He sighed.

Maybe I can go back to sleep and dream that I am sleeping in my bedroom, he thought, that's much better then dreaming that I'm sleeping in my old rusty truck!

He woke up five hours later from his disturbing nightmare.

He dreamt that he was falling off a cliff for five hours, now to everyone that is normally means not coping with rapid change. It has been proving that this dream for drug addicts means that a clown in a week's time is going to go to their house and give them a dog.

Julie was asleep in her seat and Randy was singing "Big spender".

"Dad" he said looking at the time on the trucks clock 10:39 "How come you and Mum don't care about me?"

"Of course we do!" he replied shocked "If we didn't want you with us we would've never brought you along."

"Dad, that's like saying if we didn't want to have you, I'd never had gotten your mum pregnant." he said angrily though for once this day he didn't show it. Randy started singing again but he interrupted him a second time "Dad, you and Mum should be glad to have a teenage son like me.

I've never taken drugs, never had any weird friends. I'm like the best teenager in the world!"

"Nick, the best teenager in the world would never complain or interrupt their parents while they're trying to sing a song about the great successes in their futures."

Nick went quiet as his father continued to sing "Big spender".

"Money, money, money," he started to sing slowly and a bit depressed; Randy looked at him in the mirror but didn't stop his song "Is so funny, in a rich man's world." he sang.

He kept on repeating that same verse over and over again because he only knew that bit of the song.

At eleven thirty Randy stopped his singing.

"Nick! How is that a song?" he asked desperately for an answer.

"I'm only singing about my future successes" he answered innocently.

"Then why are you repeating the same words over and over again?" he looked back at him in the mirror staring suspiciously, raising one eyebrow.

Nick could only give one answer "That' the only part of the song I know," he confessed.

"Well Nick, If you be quiet for the rest of the trip I'll give you a euro?" Randy offered.

He thought of the reward and then thought about silencing his chorus of "Money, money, money"

"Okay." he agreed.

Money, money, money, is so funny, in a rich man's world, he sang in his head.

After singing in his head for seven hours he fell back to sleep.

He woke up at eleven ten, according to the trucks clock.

He looked through the window to see shadows of houses, most of them were two story and had the lights turned off inside. Julie had swapped four hours ago with Randy so now she was driving the truck.

"So which one is our house?" Nick asked watching the passing houses. He was still angry about the sudden change though.

"Look for the house that says thirteen." Randy told them.

They all looked at the passing houses, each house's numbers getting lower.

"Fifteen, fourteen…. Err, um… is it that one?" Nick asked. The car parked beside an old brown house with all its windows broken and the wooden door coming of its bottom hinges. The three shocked people in the truck got out to have a clear view of their new home. "I'm so glad we're finally here," he said in a calm way walking over to his father "I hate you!" He yelled as he reached him jumping up and down "I hate you! I hate you!-and you!" he added viciously to Julie.

"Let's go inside and, see the furniture we got!" she quickly said rushing to the door, Randy and he followed behind.

"Harold said the keys are under the large stone next to the door" Randy said bending down to move the big stone laying on the grass.

Nick leaned against the door waiting but the door opened behind him making him fall in.

"Don't need the keys Randy," Julie said walking in, stepping on his stomach where the bruise was from earlier that morning, he squeaked with pain.

Randy stood up putting the key in his pocket and walking into the dark room stepping on his stomach too.

"Ahh!" he yelled rolling over on his stomach.

Julie eventually found the light switch and then there was light!

Nick trembled as he got up. He looked at the room which he guessed was his new Lange room.

There was a wooden broken table and a grey couch.

"This job really made the man before us really rich!" he panted sarcastically sitting on the couch "Or else he took most of his FURNITURE!"

Randy looked at the room with a blank face.

"Nick, go to bed." Julie said to him.

"But I don't know where my new bedroom is?"

"I don't care!" she snapped at him, she calmed herself down "Just… You have school in the morning; just go to the cleanest room you can find." She put her hand on her head frustrated.

Nick slept in the cleanest room he could find, he slept in the bathroom.