Chapter 20

Ahh! Life is great! A best friend, a girlfriend… all right grades, and now starting a new year at Happy School!

Nick is sixteen, has blue eyes and brown messy hair, probably because he doesn't sleep brush, is currently best friends with Dickens Lukas and is dating Miriam Miss.

"NICK!" Julie, his mother, screamed in his ear making his eyes shoot open to see on the green alarm clock the time 8:15

"Mum?" he sleepily said annoyed "How many times have I asked politely for you to get the hell out of my room?!"

She laughed throwing his school uniform at his face "Just get dressed!" and left like that.

At ten to nine the two got in the truck and she started it up making the old vehicle jerk forward before it was on smooth driving and slowed down after ten minutes as her son got his bag on his back before getting out.

"Have a great day!" she shouted happily before driving off as Nick faced a giant school smiling. The two big things to catch his eyes was the change in the two large words on the roof. Instead of saying "Happy School" like it did the year before it said "Sad School"… BIG CHANGE! There was no one outside so he hurried in. Inside there were huge groups of teens, most moping around, some illegally smoking, others writing on the walls.

Nick took a deep breath before saying with happiness "The way things should be!"

"Nick!" Dick's voice greeted in a superior way.

He looked up to see Dickens Lukas with… his jet black hair cut and gelled down like he was from the posh side. He was standing straight with one hand behind his back and the other before him wearing a silver watch on his wrist, shiny black shoes and it seemed his uniform had been tailored especially for it now looked like a suit.

"Hi Dick!" he replied walking up to him and the two started strolling to their lockers, Dick's bag was on a small luggage trolley which he pulled along and he walked now with his head held high. The only thing that was the same with him was that he still wore mascara.

"How was your summer?" he asked "Mine was absolutely splendid!"

"It was okay." Nick said back still a bit sleepy as he yawned a moment later.

"So you didn't fail to close your dreams for it?" he added curious.

"Nah! I was too lazy. Summers for sleep mainly-and tanning!"

"Indeed." Dick agreed for the two of them did seem a bit browner. He pulled a rose out of his pocket "Do you believe in your own words that Hannah will fancy this rose?"

"You're dating!" he asked surprised. Dick nodded excitedly.

"Tis the truth. Happened in the fullest heat of the blazing Sun." he explained in joy.

"It was warm." Nick said annoyed "Not that warm."

"Nick!" Miss Miss called to him and for once was wearing a school uniform of her own with her long brown hair down and it seemed a bit wavy. She ran over giving him a quick kiss and the three started walking again.

"Good morning madam." Dick greeted.

"Good morning Dickens." she replied happily smiling and this instantly made the other two smile.

"How were your holidays?" Nick asked interested.

"Dull sometimes, sunny sometimes."

"Dull sometimes." Dick carried on jokingly in the same tone, then paused as they reached Nick's locker.

"The world is so bright and sunny!" Nick announced happily opening it up.

"So…" Dick said to Miss Miss as he put away his books "Have you made love yet?" She stared at him blankly with the question so he added "Nay then." they were silent for a bit. When Nick had done with his books and they started to walk again but she quickly said.

"I think I know what I want to be when I grow up!" she said excitedly then shouted "An English teacher!"

"Hannah!" Dick butted in straight away as he saw her down the hall walking up. She had her hair down as well, in curls and was looking at a pocket mirror putting makeup on her eyes, her face was plastid with concealer and he called again "Hannah!"

She looked up and smiled as she approached them putting all her things in her new pink bag "Hey Dick!" she said tired and dull.

"This is for you!" he said sweetly giving her the rose which she put instantly in her pocket and pulled a chocolate bar out quickly.

"And this, this is for you." she replied handing him the bar which he took graciously.

"How did you know my dear?!" he asked astonished and in gratitude.

"What? Uh, I like chocolate soooo you'd probably like it too?" she slowly answered looking dazed.

"That's right!" Dick added putting it in his pocket "Do you want to come along side this threesome?"

"Uh? Actually I have to go to the toilet and put on more makeup." she explained slowly and shoved by Miss Miss.

"I think someone got up on the wrong side of bed!" Miss Miss added annoyed.

"Yes, WHAT EVER Miriam!" Dick said back sarcastically "I just hope for your sake you weren't in her bed with her!"

"I wasn't Dickens!" she shouted furious for being accused but he just looked away snobby and she copied crossing her arms.

"This is stupid!" Nick laughed going between them as he put his arms around their shoulders "Miriam never slept with Hannah and Dick, you are too protective!"

"Protective is a nice word!" he replied babyishly then glared at Miss Miss "Okay! Let's shake and make up!" he reached his hand out to her but drew it back suddenly, licking it and then put it out again. She frowned annoyed but shook it anyway giving him a hard squeezed grinning. They let go of each other quickly.

The bell rang then but none of the students moved and just carried on with what they were doing before which was practically nothing.

"I'd dread being late for my first class on my first day back!" Dick said quickly picking up his trolley's handle and Nick swung his bag back over his back as they started to move again.

"Praise the Devil!" Philip's voice shouted through the halls and he halted falling over when he reached them, his blonde hair was spiked up with bits of it died black. He got back up really really slowly and grabbed Nick's jumper for help. When he was back on his feet he faced them saying loyally "Praise Satan! His GREAT!"

"Why?" Nick replied confused trying to get him to let go back Philip just clutched him with his other hands falling on his knees.

"COS' HIS GREAT! I tell you, okay I will!" he said dropping on his knees making Nick fall forward on his too "HIS GREAT! If you ask him for money, he would give it to you, NO QUESTIONS ASKED and all you have to do is give him your measly soul!"

"This sounds like a movie." Miss Miss said nearly giggling.

"If it was a movie," he shouted pointing at her "The devil would be the director!" he suddenly burst out crying "I'm, I'm SORRY!" he roared "What have I done! I'm evil! I'M EVIL!" he pushed him away and blessed himself quickly, closing his eyes and started to pray. Nick speedily got up nervously and stumbled backwards a little getting balance.

"I only wish we all had this dedication to religion." Dick said admiringly. They stepped carefully by Philip and continued on but Nick froze still when he saw… the twins in uniform moping the floor with a bucket full of suds on the ground next to them.

"HARRY!" he yelled in disbelief nearly fearing to go any further but did as Miss Miss and Dick followed behind. Harry never gazed up until he was tapped on the shoulder, and showed a smile on his face.

"Why if it isn't Nick Banner!" he shouted suddenly making Nick flinch back afraid. He handed his mop to Garry who was also looking at them now.

"WHY AREN'T YOU IN PRISON!" he yelled shocked moving back some more in case he tried something on him.

"Mr. Osopopulla bailed us out." he explained happily and didn't seem himself.

"They give us really good food in there!" Garry added quickly rushing forward cheerful.

"Why would Bob bail you two out! You're murderers!" Nick shouted still furious with the news, Miss Miss tugged his sleeve quietly.

"Remember Nick!" she whispered quickly "The drug was giving to the-"

"Oh yeah!" he interrupted recalling that and stepped forward with a grin "Like Happy drug?"

"Nick!" Harry cried in gratitude "We hate each other so much but once I stop taking these Happy tablets I'm going to kill you!" he answered with a go lucky voice.

"Time!" Garry yelped looking at his watch and they took out plastic bags with white tablets in them, taking one each and swallowed it quickly.

"Well good." Nick continued smiling and turned around to look back down the hall. Before it was full of the friendly clean students who always had happiness in their eyes, now it was depressed teens who hated life and the life after that. He grinned with joy as now, everyone was their true selves (except the twins) "GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!" he shouted with a positive voice. In reply students screamed-




Nick smiled again and looked back at Dick and Miss Miss saying quietly with tears in his eyes "The way, things should… be."