Hey everyone! So this story is the narritave of an RP with original characters that my friend DredCubic (aka Dani) and I are doing. The world was built by me, (mostly built-haven't had time to sort everything out) and we play on a private forum with a few other friends. This came about because we have free time to post and wanted to see an AU of our characters from the main game. So here's that story.

I'm going to be writing the chapters from alternate perspectives. Her character (Ryker) and mine (Lucia). The same scene may be hit on in alternating chapters, but it will also have the perspective of the other character-so I hope that's not too boring.

As always, if you have any constructive criticism, or anything, please let me know and I'll do my best to use it as I continue writing what we have so far.

Thanks, all!



I passed through the fields of wheat and grasses as they waved, my shoulders hunched nearly to my ears. I had forgotten my jacket, though Nan had probably reminded me about five separate times to bring it.

I had to slow my horse's pace on the small paths we walked between the fields outside of Fernsworth as we headed to the city proper, because Ellie, my younger sister was skipping and weaving about as she prattled on about all the things we were going to do that day.

It was the last day of Harvestmere, the yearly festival held in October to celebrate our good harvests and our bounty as a town in general. My family and I lived a good five miles outside Fernsworth, and they attended every year, but except for today, I was always left behind.

"Aren't you excited, Ryry?" Ellie bounded around before my horse having chosen to walk instead of ride with me. I tried to explain we would get to the festival quicker if she rode, but she just waved me off and frolicked away.

"Of course, now move away. You're scaring Beauty," I frowned and motioned for her to move along back up the road.

I was excited despite my demeanor at the moment. Being hidden away on my family's farm for fifteen years got dull quickly and now being out among other people was both terrifying and fun. Dad would kill me if he saw me, and mom would probably have a fit—but after they left with the wagon this morning, Nan, who had stayed home with two-year-old Kensley had put me in my best tunic and shoved me out the door.

'Even Aasimar can't stay locked up forever. Show the world those beautiful eyes of yours.'

I had snorted then, and thinking about her words, I snorted again. My eyes were to remain as hidden as possible. The ever-swirling white and shining blue of them pointed me out as something non-human immediately, and after the re-unification and opened borders between Sistrova and Radal, there were more people here that looked down upon non-humans. Not to mention if the church got wind of me I would be whisked away to become a Paladin for the church. Having Angelic blood in me would make me property, in their eyes.

The sounds of the festival was a din of laughter, talking, and the sounds of games being played. We finally had made it through the fields and I was hitching up Beauty when Ellie tugged at the sleeve of my tunic and pointed to the row of festival games behind me:

"Ryry! Let's play games!"

It was already nearing sunset, and as I looked over the different choices that the festival deemed 'fun' I frowned.

Darts at a spinning board? Throwing balls at milk bottles? These are supposed to be fun?

I could have set these up at home for Ellie with some parts and an hour or two and without risk to my hide.

I gave her a sour look, and her eyes got big and round, and I knew the scrunching of her chin was about to follow. Crying Ellie was a loud and ugly affair and I didn't want the attention.


"Yay!" She took me by the wrist and we headed about fifty paces away to the closest game—the milk bottles.

Ellie was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement as we watched the people in front of us take their shots. I glared at the game, it was ridiculous.

Hitting milk bottles with a ball? What was the point of it?

The boy next to my sister looked frustrated as he threw his second ball- none of the milk bottles falling despite the fact it was a fairly good hit.

Was the game rigged or something? Why did Ellie even want to play this?

"Here," Ellie smiled and handed me three white balls. I looked back at her confused as she shoved them into my hands.

She wants me to play this?

I scrunched up my nose and faced the stack of bottles before me as she explained: three tries to hit the milk bottles. If you knock them down, you win a prize. If not? You're shit out of luck.

The game seemed pointless, but if it appeased my sister, it was worth it. I was a pretty poor chaperone so far after all.

I threw the first ball near the top of the tower of bottles, and it just wobbled slightly, but ultimately didn't move. I began to understand why the boy was so frusterated. I never thought something so simple could make my blood boil so easily.

A 'huff' came out of me as I threw the next ball—harder this time and hit the center of the bottles. The top two rows came down, but there were still some left, which surpised me. That hit should have taken them all.

"Ellie this is rigged."

"No, it's not! You have one more ball, Ryry, take one more shot; you got this!"

I mumbled some profanity and shook my head. Why was she so excited over a stupid game like this. I glanced down at my sister, her white blonde hair shining orange in the fading light, her bright blue eyes glued to the remaining milk bottles.

I decided not to question it. Whatever made her happy was good enough for me, I guess.

My shoulders rolled slightly to loosen them and took my next shot as hard as I could to the center of the remaining bottles. It was when they all came down that I understood her excitement over this all. Why she loved to come to the festival every year and why she always talked about the games more than anything.

I took a step back grinned, and motioned for her to pick the prize for herself. She chose a stuffed fox with bright red fur. I knew it was going to end up in Kensley's horde when we got home.

We continued our walk through the festival, fox in hand. The fair grounds were large enough, but we were still having to watch for our other sisters and our parents. A couple times I had to hunch down to hide my tall stature and book it so they wouldn't see me. It was all followed by fits of giggling and my snorts as we laughed and enjoyed the night.

It wasn't until the fireflies started to come out that I realized how late it really was. The sun was behind the forest on the far side of town, now and there was barely any light to go by other than the paper lanterns strewn high in the air.

My hands found their way deep into my pockets as I looked around, frowning slightly. I wasn't ready for the night to be done—for the feeling of being normal to be gone.

I stood idly near the edge of the crowd, and debated how long I could stay out before father would catch me. I watched the townspeople, and visitors who came in just for the festivities as they milled about, laughing and talking together as they enjoyed the night.

My eyes paused over the crowd on a beautiful girl further back, close to the food stall Ellie had dragged me to just half an hour before.

I don't know if it was the Raven black hair against her brillaint chartreuse dress, or her light blue-gray eyes that made me stop. All I could think was that this was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

To be fair, being stuck on the farm, the only girls I was accustomed to seeing were my sisters, but I had spied a fair few goog looking girls around the fair tonight and this girl topped them all.

I felt Ellie's cheek press against my bicep as she leaned over to look to see who I was looking at. I felt her face move into a wide smile before she tugged on my wrist, trying to move me in the direction of the girl as she looked up at me:

"Go talk to her, Ryry!"

"Wh-what? N-no! Look at her- she's- I'm not…. Are you crazy?"

"No," she responded with that stupid large grin on her face. She continurd to try and drag me, but I dug my heels in, and refused to budge.

"I just know this is the one night you get to enjoy yourself and you're trying to chicken out. The brother I know is fearless and would go talk to her—pretty or not."

My teeth ground together at her words, as I glowered down at her bright smiling face. She had pressed the one button she knew she could use to get me to do almost anything.

Unfortunately I bought into it.

I smoothed my blue tunic and sighed. My head shook as I ran through all the ways this was about to go wrong.

"I swear to god, I'll murder you if you say anything to Nan about this; she's already going to have a thousand questions when I get home, I don't need more than that," I hissed and pointed a large finger at her chest before I shoved my hands back into my pockets and made my way through the crowd.

All I could do as I tried not to get pushed off course as I moved against the crowd was pray this wouldn't go as terribly as I told myself it would in my head.

The closer I got I realized she had nothing to keep her warm. I groaned and swore. I had left my jacket at home, so I didn't have one to give her. Mom would've lectured me about manners had she known I was out here like this. She always told me to bring a jacket in case one of the girls needed one. I regretted not listening to that advise now.

It wasn't until I felt a tap on my back that I turned to see Ellie had come to solve my problem for me as she handed me her jacket.

"Don't mess this up, casa nova. I'll see you when the fireworks are done."

"What the hell are we going to tell dad when he can't find me?"

"I'll cover that. Now go be her knight in shining armor, Ryry!"

I shook my head and gave her a quick hug before I continued on my way to an almost certain rejection. People finally started to move out of my way by the time I was close enough to speak, which made my life easier as I moved in front of her.

God I really hope I don't scare her. It wasn't every day that people see someone my age being a couple inches above six feet tall.

"You look a little cold," I offered gently, my mind was going a thousand miles an hour. It was also cursing me for saying something so stupid. You look cold? Is that how you talk to a girl? I could have mentally slapped myself for not having thought of something better.

On top of it all—where did my manners go? I flushed slightly, embarrassed that I could even forget something like that. I was acting like I hadn't been raised with six sisters and with better manners. If mom could see me now I would be so dead.

"I-I'm Ryker b-by the way."

It was the moment I spoke that I realized something important. She didn't have anyone with her. She was absolutely alone. Where was her chaperone? Even dad had been weird about Ellie not going to the festival with Marien, Farah, and Calla.

The fact she was alone made me even more nervous than I already was about talking to her. Nan was going to laugh her ass off when I told her this later. Me, the idiot who is likely going to get himself into a world of trouble by talking to a girl without a chaperone.

Might as well have my family make my gravestone now.