Chapter 2. Meeting

Feel free to judge me, but I have never been much on the creative side, so my chapter titles will probably be as simple as the rest of the story. No hidden meaning and no need for interpretation. At least I guess this will make it easier for me to try and structure this story, and easier for you to know what to expect. And as you can read, this chapter will be about OUR meeting. The meeting that changed my life so much, that I still find it hard to comprehend. The meeting that, in the end, made my days brighter and my nights so much darker, that gave me hope and crushed me at the same time. My meeting with Thomas Reed.

I had been working on that day, same as every Monday, same as every week, same as the last three years. I had gotten used to the daily grind of my boring office job, had gotten used to that asshole I had to call 'Boss' and the chitter-chatter of the office ladies. I can't deny that I disliked what I did, staring hour after hour at the screen of my computer and inputting data, but I guess I could have been off worse. Whenever I saw a homeless person on the street, or a waitress being flirted with, with that tight smile on her lips and discomfort in her eyes, I knew my life wasn't great, but at least I was left alone most of the time. And the coffee in my office was good enough that I didn't have to walk to the closest coffee shop and use my hard-earned money for some caffeine. Just a small insert about myself right here, I love coffee, it's the drinks of the gods, not that I am a believer, but it is what kept me sane during long office hours and got me up in the morning. Probably the only true love I ever had until Thomas.

I didn't have much contact with other people on my job. I tried to stay away from relationships in the office, and I excelled at it, becoming the loner nobody wanted to talk to. The only words I got were those of occasional greetings or concerned my work, nothing personal, no connections. And that was exactly as I wanted it to be. Nobody nosed around in my affairs and I wasn't even invited to any of the office outings anymore.

Perfect. Quiet. Life.

It was about 4.30 pm when I had left the office on that day, already dreading the rest of the week. I couldn't be asked to cook anything when I got home, so I decided to make a short detour to one of those convenient stores and grab a pack of chips and whatever else I could find to throw in the oven. Not like I had to eat healthy and stay fit for anyone. And not like I actually was fit, that would have just been fantastic, but at least I wasn't lazy enough to drive to work, when I could just as well walk for half an hour and be done with it.

So, when I finally entered the shop I grabbed my food and went to the checkout. And damn motherfucking hell! I nearly dropped my precious bag of chips right then and there. Okay, that is probably a bit of an overdramatization, but that boy behind the till was smoking. Wet dream material right there, standing on two muscular looking legs and looking bored as hell when he was scanning my food. Well at least I knew who I was gonna use for my quality time at home later. Not like he would ever find out, so no harm done. When I heard him talk for the first time, telling me how much I should pay, I nearly got a hard on. His voice was smooth and slightly deep and fit him all too well. If I wouldn't have been so occupied with secretly checking out his body I would have probably been jealous. He was taller than me, slightly broader then me, blond, pierced and damn would I have loved to suck his cock. Not a chance though, not in this life.

So I paid and left, and if he even noticed me at all for whatever strange behaviour I had shown, he would probably forget me just as fast as any other customer. Such is the life of the average person. I got home that afternoon, put my food in the oven and plopped down on my couch to stare at my TV and watch whatever was on. I wasn't much interested in most of the stuff, but it was a noise in the background and something to do while waiting. I appreciate movies more than any series that was streamed, not romance movies though, I might be gay, but I am not that gay. I ate my food, I washed up, I took a shower and watched some more stuff, before I decided to get my rocks off, while lounging on the couch and thinking about that hot guy from early.

Damn did I wish he was gay, and damn did I wish he had a thing for average looking guys who were probably more than ten years older than him. He must have been somewhere in his early twenties, maybe one of the students that I saw milling around every day. We had a university close by, so it wasn't unlikely that he went there and just worked part-time at the store. Might not even ever see him again, though that would be sad, I would have loved to see him again, maybe even in a better mood. And that is how I became a stalker and went to the convenient store every day.

Joke! I didn't!

I didn't go more often than I usually did, and that was close to 0 times a month. I knew I didn't have a chance. Even if the boy was gay, who in their right mind would go for someone like me. There were other places I frequented if I wanted a quick fuck, I didn't need to put any effort into something that wouldn't work out. At least at those places there were always guys willing to fuck me, I might not be the prettiest thing, but there are uglier ones out there, and who would say no to some ass when they were drunk and horny? Certainly not the guys I chose. So I used him once or maybe twice that week to jack off and that was our story. At least that was all I had planned for us to ever be and I was fine with it, I had given up on the hot ones long ago. But no such luck! Who would have guessed I would meet him again in the same bloody week! Definitely not me, and I was 100 % not prepared to see him in a place like that. With 'that' I mean a well enough established gay bar, that wasn't all too bad with good prices.

I hadn't had sex for about a month at that point, so in that fateful week I had decided to go out on the Friday night, get some, and relax for the rest of the weekend. And who did I see when I walked into the darkly lit place? Mister 'Hot' with a bunch of, I was assuming, his friends, being as drunk as you can be without throwing up, sitting around one of the tables in my save haven. So here is a thing you should know: When a group of guys, all looking around 20, comes into a gay bar, there can be multiple reasons for that. One: they are all gay or gay friendly. Two: they were dared to do so. Three: they are too drunk to care. Four: to make fun of others. I wasn't, and am still not, a psychic, but my ears were clean enough to hear at least one of the guys make fun of a pair standing at the bar. Sounded very much like number four to me.

Not like I would get into a fight over it with them, I preferred sticking my tail between my legs and running away when I was threatened, but it made me uncomfortable. I didn't want to be noticed though, so I just continued my walk over to the bar, let my ass fall down on one of the stools and got myself a beer. Not like any of them would ever recognize me, even if they ever saw me walking from or to work, I normally wore a suit, and they were with all likelihood too smashed too even remember my face. And let's not even talk about the fact that I was clearly dressed to impress, which in this case meant tight black jeans and a tight enough shirt to make me look just a little bit skinnier than I actually was, but not show off the rolls on my stomach that appeared whenever I sat down. Nothing like my normal suit wearing self. I had decided to ignore the boys, do what I was planning on doing, and get over the fact that my 'crush' was as straight as an arrow.

Oh yeah, as you probably guessed by now, his name was Thomas Reed. Not like I was trying to hide it, I just forgot. Still can't believe I got him into bed and that we started going out. But that's for another chapter.