It's been so boring since the last week. Nothing really happened except that…I've done shopping with my cousin. Though, strangely, I wasn't interested wandering through the mall, however, just for the sake of her little joy, I've agreed to accompany her. I was sure she hasn't changed. She was just like she was- a little sweet, a little sensitive, a little sharp and somewhat jealous of me.

Oh, not like I minded. I was quite aggressive when we were small. We used to argue a lot but guess, she have changed, only a bit.

"Serena, are you done trialing?"

I was drawn out of my pondering state as I heard her voice from outside. I looked at myself. I wasn't really doing anything. I've selected a light blue top which landed just till my knees with strokes of navy blue curves somewhere around the shoulder.

I sighed and nodded to myself. A little thought hit me with nostalgia.

"M-Miss M-miss you…"

I hoped that a little pretending that I was singing even when I was changing, with my headphones with full volume and that I was barely able to hear her, it wouldn't make her scold me for not responding her.

Alright I agree, I was being a little selfish. It was just a day more for her perhaps engagement and I was not bothered by it. But I couldn't blame myself either. I was trying my best to keep that good-sister demeanor all throughout the week. I really didn't want anyone to judge me like I were jealous.

I remember once when she marked me as 'sadistic' when she have gotten a better purse than me, just because I didn't put up much a smile when she told me about it.

I gave a little smile as the previous memories passed through my mind.

I flinched a little when there was another knock on the door.

Nodding to myself, like a good actress, I put up a charming smile and pulled the door, not really caring that I had a good chance of receiving a good chiding. Of course, she was three months bigger than me!

But to my pleasant surprise, she wasn't angry. I could tell that by the smile she had perhaps plastered on her face. But I didn't care of the cause.

My smile subsided rapidly when I noticed him.

What was he doing here?

A-and, a-and, even if he was here, why was he staring so badly at me?

Wasn't he supposed to stare her lieu of me?

Was I looking something?

A little thought of the faulty top passed my mind. I was sure it was good, but…

I felt the rapid blood rush to my cheeks when he gave his prominent exhilarating, yet, brief smile to me.

I wanted so bad to deny that it was just nothing. But the truth I know now, it was perhaps really 'a little something'.

I carefully broke my gaze and plastered my expressions with that 'casual-lovely-nothing to worry about' Serena.

"Thank god, you've already removed your earphones." Mia sighed and I was glad that there was still nothing awkward.

"It's not a good habit Ser. You should abandon it at necessary times." He marked casually.

It had such an influence on me that I had sworn the right moment that I'd really take care when to use and when to not.

"Are you done your shopping, Ryan?" Mia asked, her brows showing seriousness.

He nodded a half no and a half yes. She shrugged but immediately gave a sharp look to him.

I was admiring him the right moment the way he ignored her very influencing stare.

That's a good Ryan! I smiled to myself as I thought.