Nothing but a shattered image of the past
Weeping, tears that could have been spared if even shared in life

A mirror image
A moment
frozen in time
Suspended by death
Comforted by grief
And in the instant that i need you most
you. are. not. here.

Ride or die
But that was only in life
Chose to part ways early to meet an early demise
I'm terrified of what my life is like without you

I'm furious
Screaming your name and crying
But it's still the same
Your eyes despite my screaming still remain unchanged

Despite it all it's still the same
"You can't hate someone whos dead"
has never been such a relevant phrase
It's hard to hate someone you love
Even after knowing what they have done

I just wish i could have seen you
Left a note, left a reason
Instead I'm left questioning everything
Dying and trying to understand
A conflict that's killing me and left you dead

If only we could accept the things unseen
Maybe then we wouldn't be dealing with grief
Maybe you could have come forward and spoken to me
Maybe then this wouldn't be this big thing

We could have gotten you help
Could have gotten you away from those drugs
Could have spared the life
Spared the soul
Of the person i most loved

Instead I'm left
Standing over an open coffin
Realization sinking
Room spinning
Mind reeling

Ride or die
Well I'm left to ride alone cause i swore to you i would never give up
So why do you get to?
I'm left staring at an open coffin
At a mirror image