These words flow on their own
I wish I could know
Where they would lead me
But I don't

Running circles in my head
Till I pour them on paper
Read what they've said

I don't know if its poetry
I don't know if its art
All I know is that these words
Like to tear me apart

There's a mess in my brain
That makes it hard to explain
The clutter
The gutter
The proverbial pain

Speaking words is useless
Tongue tied
I've tried
But the more I struggle
The more silent my mind

What can be a pig steigh
Is suddenly quiet
What was once a concert
Now sings songs of silence

I want to share with you
My thoughts and my words
I do
Its true
Thoughts about more than me
More than you

But until those words hit the page
It's nothing but blanks

I wanna cut the small talk
Who cares about the rain
I wanna speak the chaos
Spinning round in my brain
But I'm afraid
That you won't understand

My mind is a storm
Every thoughts a raindrop
And lighting strikes home

If I could describe
How many times
How many nights
I've spent awake
Laying in bed at night
5am tired and dead eyed
I would

If I could explain the chaos
And you could hear its song
That 'd be good
If I could understand for a moment what's going on
That'd be good

But instead im trapped
Like a prisoner of war
But my prison isn't stone

If my mind is a storm
Than its a monsoon
To overwhelmed to even know
Which way is forward
Or witch way is home