Countless days
Sleepless nights
Laying awake and dying inside
Trying to figure out what's wrong
Something's off

But what it is I can't tell
A twisted past haunts a bright soul
Suppressed memories
A Forgotten life

A little girl just runs
She doesn't want to be seen
She shys away from the light
But She's afraid of the dark
She can't seem to get through a day without falling apart

She's a mess
She's a wreck
That girl feels long since dead
But on sleepless nights
She rises from an unmarked grave
Just to say "hey
Don't forget me.
You are my creation
See without this past me
there's be no present you"

She's broken

that she didn't have a place in this world
Not worth saving
Not worth breathing

A wounded girl
Who rose each time she fell
Only to fall again
Never good enough

Misfits don't fit in
And Loners don't have friends
And I never want to be that lonely girl ever again

Tight throat
Heart bleeding
It's like they're trying to silence her again

She rose
On her own
From an abyss unknown
Without help

She felt so alone
And she prayed
And she waited
For better days


But finally
She knows it's safe to stay
Weary and jaded
But she puts forth her best face
Open to loves embrace
Never to turn away people in pain

Memories cripple her
Seeing others hurt sickens her
She's now the woman she needed
The woman who didn't show
But what she really needed
she doesn't really know

All she ever wanted was to feel at home
Welcomed in her own skin
Instead she was ridiculed
Unable to fit in

Hotwire to the brain
And she was never the same
Decided that if she didn't like who she was
She could change
she could be someone else
Someone that someone else could love