Chapter 1 (Introductions Part 1)

Rain. Rain. And more rain. That was what it was like for a month or so in Sun City. 15-year-old Ariana Ravenwood was a peculiar girl who actually liked the rain, she liked to stay hidden, being locked away in her room until her parents called her down for dinner. Why? Because she was bullied. Ariana was a girl who had long wavy light blond hair and two different colored eyes, one violet, one green, she was also colorblind. Many judged her because of her appearance, she would often have her hair covering her violet eye, to seem more normal, to fit in. Her older sister, Taylor, wasn't much help either.

Taylor was already 19, she had three modeling careers and two acting ones. She was extremely beautiful and slim, but she wasn't kind to Ariana at all. Taylor would act like an angel in front of everyone, including her parents, but when no one was watching, she would make her younger sister do whatever she said, or else she would beat her and tell everyone at her school her secret. She always said that she was the "popular" one because of her long, golden, wavy hair and lovely blue eyes, but deep down, she knew that everyone feared her.

One day, it actually stopped raining, the sky was clear blue, that was when Ariana decided to go for a walk. Ariana wondered down a few neighborhoods until she came upon a park bench. She sat down and let the wind blow through her hair. Just when she was deep in thought, a dog ran up to her, it was a lighter black from her point of view but the dog was actually a dark shade of brown.

"Max, come back!" A boy with dark blond hair and greenish blue eyes shouted, running up to Ariana. He was wearing a yellow shirt with a picture of a dog on it and white shorts. "Max, sit!" He said then turned to Ariana. "I am so sorry, I don't know what got into him, he's usually very calm." He apologized. "The name's Ethan by the way, Ethan Fam. Oh and I'm 16. You?"

Ariana stood up. "I'm Ariana Ravenwood, I'm 15. Your dog is really adorable." She introduced and started to stroke Max.

Ethan spoke up, "Lovely day, isn't it? Good to have a day where the sky is blue." He stopped to look at her. "I like your style." He complimented.

Ariana stopped before answering, thinking of an excuse. "Um… Thanks." She replied quickly, making sure that her hair was covering her eye. The two chatted for about 30 minutes until Ariana looked at her phone and saw a text from her mom telling her to come home. "I'd better head home." She sighed.

"Wait, what's your address? What school do you go to?" Ethan held her up.

Ariana wasn't sure if she should tell him that information but at last, did. "I live on Greens street and I go to Creek Meadow High. You?" She turned around and asked him.

"I'm not from around here." Ethan started. "I'm from Camp City, the other side of the country. I moved here because my parents are… divorced…" He stopped. "I am here to stay with my mother and my new father, not sure which school I will go to though." He changed the subject, "I'd better get home too, see you, Ariana!" He waved and walked Max in the opposite direction.

Once Ariana got home, she saw her sister leave the house. She stepped inside her house and came upon her mother. Her mother had black hair and green eyes, she was wearing a golden skirt but no shoes since they were inside.

"Ariana," Her mother started, "Taylor has gone off for another modeling company, but you will need to help with her chores. It's only for a month or so sweetheart, I don't think that it will take a whole month but she said she wanted to spend some time with her boyfriend." Ariana's mother moved Ariana's hair behind her ear so her violet eye could show. "You are beautiful just the way you are, don't hide that." She said.

Ariana actually smiled for the first time in a long time, but that smile quickly faded. "I have to finish my homework." She said quickly and tried to escape her mother's soothing voice.

"Before you go, I have a task for you." Her mother directed. "Joanne Lin, a new transfer student from Taiwan, is going to our school, I want you to help her get more familiar with our language. I know that you know some Chinese." Ariana's mother was the principal of Creek Meadow High so she knew basically everything about the school. "Doing this could also improve your social skills.

"You mean it could get me made fun of." Ariana muttered but her mother didn't hear her.

The next morning came around sooner than expected, Ariana quickly put on her clothes, did her morning routine, then she walked outside with her black backpack carrying all her things in it.

After a few minutes of walking down the cemented street, she finally reached Creek Meadow High. White pebbled structures made up most of the school, red bricks could also be seen as the main building material, black gates surrounded the whole school and a security guard controlled who would go into the school.

Ariana hung her head low as she walked towards her classroom. A girl who looked half Taiwanese, half American, with light brown hair and light brown eyes, was standing there with her light blue backpack, light purple top, light pink pants, and white shoes, was standing in the middle of the classroom. She looked confused.

Ariana took a deep breath and walked up to her. "Hello, you must be Joanne, the transfer student, yes?" She asked silently.

"Yes, and you must be Ariana, correct?" Joanne started, "Let me introduce myself, I am 15, I am from Taiwan, my father is American and my mother is half Taiwanese half American, causing me to be like my mother as well. The principal has told me that you will be showing me around."

"The principal told me that you needed help with your English, but it seems that she was wrong." Ariana was a bit more confident. "I can show you to your locker, things are a bit more different here than in your home country."

Ariana started to show Joanne around, she showed her to her locker and told her that they ate lunch in the cafeteria and that she needed to pay for her own lunch. They chatted for a few minutes until the bell rang and it was time for first period.

"You'd better head to class. What do you have first period?" Ariana asked, continuously looking at her black watch.

Joanne got out a sheet of paper and searched for her first period. "History." She finally said. "Things are different in Taiwan, we don't usually go to other classrooms to have classes."

Ariana realized that she had the same class as Joanne and decided to help her some more. "I have the same class as you, how about I show you to it?" She asked nervously. Joanne had a big smile on her face and nodded.

After an interesting period of History, Joanne asked for Ariana's phone number, Ariana, of course, gave it to her. The two went separate ways for different classes, Ariana went to Chemistry while Joanne went to Art.

On the way to Art class, a familiar voice called Joanne's name.

"Joanne? Joanne Lin? Is that you?" A boy with dark brown hair and green eyes said. His eyes widened, could it really be his old friend? He was wearing a red top with the word 'cool' on it written in black and dark blue jeans.

Joanne took a closer look at the boy and was surprised. "Jason Smith? Oh my goodness, I haven't seen you in ages. Well, since you left Taiwan." Jason and Joanne were best friends a while back, they were inseparable, well, until Jason had to move. That left Joanne alone, she was devastated for some time but got over it.

"I didn't want to leave you, and I didn't mean to either." Jason admitted. "My father needed to come back to America for work purposes, trust me, if I had a choice, I would never leave you. I loved it in Taiwan and I loved being with you." He hoped Joanne wouldn't think he was strange.

Joanne did blush a little. "I loved when we played together as well. I missed you, a lot." She also said.

The two caught up during every single break, it was like nothing changed. They talked about how they always made each other laugh, they had this brother-sister relationship. They also talked about how Jason's younger sister, Sunny, always wanted to join in but she was much shyer right now.

A little while later, when Ariana was sitting on a bench in the school playground at recess, Ethan showed up next to her. "Hey, Ari." He said, trying not to startle her.

"Ethan? Hi." Ariana replied her hair was still covering her eye.

"Turns out I was meant to go to this school, and I'm glad I'm here and glad I could see you." He said, putting his hand behind his head.

Ariana blushed slightly but no one could really notice. "Glad to see you too." She responded quietly.

Ethan went and sat down next to her and said, "Your school is great! I'm really fitting in." He said happily.

The two also chatted for some time, until the bell rang and they needed to get to class.

Lunch came around sooner than expected but not too early. Everyone rushed down to the cafeteria, except for Joanne who seemed confused. Ariana saw Joanne just standing there and decided to go help her, again. The two walked downstairs and chatted at a lunch table after they got some mashed potatoes, rice, and an apple. Joanne was grateful enough to invite Ariana to her house for a sleepover, Ariana didn't want to seem rude so she agreed.

A few seconds later, a girl with short black hair wearing and blue eyes, wearing a polka-dotted top and shots with hearts on them, walked over to them.

"Hi, I'm new here, mind if I sit?" The girl asked, Joanne and Ariana nodded. "I'm Alexa Wood, nice to meet you!" She introduced.

"Joanne Lin." Joanne said back to her.

Ariana stayed silent for some time until the two girls looked at her. "Ariana Ravenwood." She finally said as quietly as possible.

Alexa loved to talk. "I have one brother, Samuel, he's over there sitting with those two boys." She pointed to a table where Jason, Ethan, and a red-headed boy with dark brown eyes and slightly darker skin than Alexa, sat. "What did you think of the test in Math, pretty hard right?"

"I thought it was kind of easy, the tests in Taiwan are much harder." Joanne admitted. "What did you think of it Ariana?" She asked.

"It was alright." Ariana said.

The school bell rang, time for class. The three girls walked separate ways to get to different classes.

Hometime came sooner than expected, Joanne told Ariana to meet her at her house at 7. Ariana was about to face one of the toughest challenges in her life, keeping her secret hidden.