Author's Note: Ranmaru is inspired by Ranmaru Kurosaki from Uta no Prince-sama. I rather not get visited with the pitchforks and torches. Wrote this late at night too, so grammar's goofy.

My heart beats faster when I think about you...

Soramaru can feel herself burning up from the thought. Since when did she felt this newfound feelings for Ranmaru? The only member on QUARTET NIGHT that went through lengths just to see her smile, with a dash of annoyance to make him smile. Huffing, she clenched her fists, her grey eyes carefully studied her hands. Small, fragile, and soft. Contrast to her strong and brash personality... Or what she wanted others to see from her. Dammit, if she was caught eyeing him from the distance she would be dead. The young woman unclasped the clip from her hair, the rays from the sun reflected on the glossy raven strands of hair attached to the clip. An instant pigtail to be indicate what "Actor Mode" she must be, which was a modest, humble actress.

How she got in this mess? Soramaru felt like only seconds have passed, but it was already several weeks. She closed her eyes and heaved out another breath for the nth time.

Soramaru could sense that something was off from Ranmaru. The silver-haired man was barely paying attention at the session, and not because he was taking a nap. He was strangely staring off space. The woman carefully adjusted her position to get a better view, making sure she wouldn't startle him by accident. Her lips curved into a frown, worry etched on her face, "You seem more tired than usual," She quietly remarked with concern. Receiving no response, she averted her attention from him and to the session instead.

...Of course he can't hear her, she was whispering. Besides, he didn't exactly saw her speak. Soramaru gulped, realizing what she was doing. Stop right there, criminal scum, was the uncharacteristic response of her conscience. They were best friends, of course having concern is normal, she reassured herself. But she knew it wasn't the case, not anymore. These past few days, she had taken a romantic interest in him. The woman tried to get it off her chest, repeatedly chanting it was the stupid hormones when she gets her time of the month messing with her system and she should just drop it, but the more she spent time with Ranmaru, the slimmer the chance she would escape from the inevitable, to escape the feeling of distance from him even if they were in the same room together.

Break came, and everyone did their own thing. Soramaru didn't broke her contact with him, as Ranmaru approached his beloved bass guitar. He strummed the chords, adjusting the right tune, and practiced their new song for their next live. Maybe she's bothering him by staring at him when he practice? The woman stood up from her chair and walked to the window. A sigh slipped from her lips as she murmured her sorriness to herself, "This lonely heaven won't come to an end, and I can't tell you to notice my feelings. I'm afraid of heartbreak, yet what I'm feeling mustn't disappear." She glanced around the room, ensuring nobody heard her muttering. She just couldn't keep it inside her mind, she had to vent it out. She gazed at the clouds floating from the sky, its blue hues strengthen her melancholy feelings, "This is my lonely heaven. It's painful yet affectionate..." She glanced back at Ranmaru, who appeared to be in a better state. A sad smile formed on her lips, "My heart races when I think about you, you know? What have you'd done to make me feel this way?"

Soramaru shook her head. Just move along, Soramaru! Stop standing there like a total doofus! And yet she didn't moved a muscle, she eyed him standing on the bus stop. They'd been there for a few minutes now, was he waiting for someone? A member of QUARTET NIGHT? STARISH? It was Haruka, wasn't it? She truly wanted to know, but the strong pride she clung on wasn't permitting her will to approach him and say hello. It would hurt, and she knew she just had to leave right now. But everyone can be stupid, and she was one of them. She was one of the unfortunate fools who would do anything stupid because they were truly in love. She learned it the hard way.

Soramaru chuckled. It was silly to think that she would feel this kind of emotion from the guy she used to had a beefed with, argued with, befriended with, entrusted with secrets, promised with... Of course. She wasn't dense, as much as she tried to reason it as nothing more than friends being friends. She could feel the sparks between them now, and distancing herself away from him would only jeopardize their friendship. The raven-haired woman wouldn't hope for anything more. Earning the best friend title from Ranmaru was a dream come true, earning his heart was a sillier dream. She could handle unrequited love, she was fine being alone until she dies.

Soramaru gazed up from the sky, observing how the clouds slowly inched towards the right. She reached up, trying to grasp the clouds from the palm of her hand as a soft breeze flew past her. She felt herself smiling sadly again, the bittersweet lyrics of a certain song played in her mind.

"I want to embrace my heaven, I won't seek anything more. I'll accept this heartache." She dropped her hands and placed it on her chest. She felt her heartbeat. It was beating fast. "Love is meant to be cried over, right?" Singing that, she felt herself tearing up. She quickly shook her head to refrain herself from crying. "Don't take away my heaven. Though it's small and fleeting, my heart beats faster when I think about you. I'm burning up; I want to hold you..." She sighed in relief.



Soramaru turned to the direction of the voice. She felt her blood run cold when she saw Ranmaru trudging towards her. Million questions raced inside her head. Did he heard her? When did he saw her? Was she too loud? Did she done good and danced? Did she acted the song? Before Ranmaru came to a halt, she duck out and ran.

"Hey, wait! Soramaru!"

She'd gone good she'd gone good she'd gone goof! She ran as fast as her slender legs could at this point of panic. How could she faced him again? She ended up being a coward and ran instead of accepting her mistakes and admitting it there. She could had a chance, but the heartbreak had a higher probability. Maybe she should had disappeared? Man her instincts were right, she should had already left! There would be nothing gained at blaming herself or circumstances. She had to take responsibility... and she was doing the opposite of it. After turning to every corner she could find, she came to a stop to catch her breath. She should be able to lose him now, wherever she was.

Her knees bucked from exhaustion. She groaned when she didn't exactly landed properly. She focused on calming her breathing, to clear her head and figure out her next course of action. She needed to do that before worrying about him.

Soramaru felt a rush of wind past her as she was being pulled up. Her wrists were gently but firmly grasped by his hands as he leaned her against the wall. The woman felt herself getting pale as she tried her best to avert her gaze from him. Curse his tall and strong physique.

She felt him move her wrist. Ranmaru used his fingers to make her face him. His scowl sent goosebumps on her skin as she swallowed the lump from her throat.

Ranmaru let out a soft sigh, "Sora, what's gotten into you? You're acting too weird."

Nothing, nothing's wrong! It's just your best friend practicing her next role as a flexible artist! But she couldn't mutter a word. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish. She felt her cheeks heating up as realization struck on the current position they were in, and with how the silver-haired man felt no embarrassment about it.

"Soramaru. I'm seriously worried about you." He let go of her wrist and crossed his arms, "We barely hang out on breaks anymore. I was waiting for you to come on the bus stop, and I caught you singing nearby." His expression softened as he gently placed his hands on her shoulders, "Had I'd done something wrong? You're slowly taking your distance away from me. Tell me, alright?"

The woman ducked her head from embarrassment. This was going to be the reason why he's acting weird; it was because of her. He'd noticed, but couldn't figure out the whole picture. Ranmaru patiently waited for her to speak, as he never let his eyes go off her. A part of her just wanted to bury her face on his chest, but she restrained herself, explaining it would make everything more awkward than it is. She had lost the important three C's already. This lonely heaven won't come to an end if she doesn't take the bullet right now. Steeling herself, she let out a heavy breath and faced him.

"I'm really sorry." Breathe in, breathe out. "I was dumb. It's nothing too serious, but... you have the right to know."

I can't tell you to notice my feelings...


He nodded, signaling he was listening.

Because I'm afraid of heartbreak...

"We'd been the greatest of friends. I'm really sorry if I'd made you think you'd done something to upset me, because you didn't." She mustered every ounce of strength to smile at him, "I was just really being silly."

This love mustn't disappear. This is my lonely heaven, painful yet affectionate.

But it was now or never.

"My heart beats faster when I think about you". She blurted out.


"Ah!" If her cheeks weren't flushed, it sure was now. She just quoted the song she was singing. Even if she could pretend she was just singing because her mind went blank, it was a cheap excuse to get out.

"Did you just..." Ranmaru couldn't construct any words from his mouth. His grip on her shoulders tighten as he felt his own cheeks burn red.

Soramaru clutched on his shoulders, taking a deep breath. "I can't stop this burning passion! This passionate heaven..." Knowing she continued, she let out a scream and whined about her foolishness. "Am I actually confessing or am I just confessing through a song?!"

"Well, you tell me!"

"I guess I am!" She bit her bottom lip. The woman glanced up at Ranmaru to see his expression.

She didn't know who had it worse.

Silence developed between them. Breathing was the only movement they could do. Soramaru didn't expect this to result in an odd way. She was imagining it as a more dramatic approach, where the silver-haired man would voice out his disinterest with her and rejects her feelings, but still wanting to be friends with her. It should had ended that way... but it didn't. Did she had a chance?

Would her lonely heaven end?

Ranmaru pulled her against his arms. "I don't know if I should agree that you're an idiot, you'd indeed "done goof", you're just being silly, or whatever."

Soramaru couldn't speak. Her words were stuck from her throat. The way he pulled her against his arms... it was foreign, something was different. She couldn't lift her arms to return his hug. Their beating hearts close together made her too paralyze to do any sign or action. She also wasn't sure if wearing high heels was a blessing or not, as she could perfectly feel and hear his own beat through her ear.

"...You're not just saying nonsense, right?" Ranmaru pulled away to face her.

Soramaru shook her head, "Of course not... I-I told you, I was just being silly." Awkward laughter escaped her lips, "I ended up telling you how I feel, but I'm too scared and startled so... I sang a line or two."

Ranmaru rubbed her head, "I suppose I have to accept that, even if it's weird. It did cleared up things."


"So..." He trailed off. He glanced down, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, "I guess we're suppose to go on romantic dates now?"

Her eyes widened, "Wait, did you just accept it without batting an eye?!"

"I batted my eyes."

"Not literally!" Soramaru scratched her head, "I mean... Uh..." She lost her composure, "You want...?"

Ranmaru narrowed his eyes, "You're missing your pigtail."

"Can't I be flustered without my pigtail?" She huffed, glaring daggers towards him.

He smirked, "There we go. You're not stuttering anymore."

That was clever on his part. She rolled her eyes, "I suppose I should thank you for that. Anyway, take me or leave me?" She crossed her arms and looked away.

"My answer should be obvious by now, Sora." Ranmaru took hold of his legs and waist to carry her bridal style. She yelped from surprise and grabbed a fistful on his shirt to avoid falling. He mischievously grinned as she scowled at him, "We're together now as lovers."

"L-lovers?!" Her cheeks returned their scarlet state.

Using the word "lover" was the right thing to fluster her again, as the silver-haired man knew it was used as a more intimate term. "Of course." He started moving his feet forward. He grinned as he inched his face closer to her. Soramaru tried to back away, but her efforts were futile as he could close the distance with a little push and adjustment. He made a smooching noise as she closed her eyes from embarrassment, waiting for the inevitable. He didn't do anything, though, as he pulled away and laughed.

"Ranmaru Kurosaki!" She punched his cheek, which just made him laugh louder.

"We're going to have a hell of a night later." His smile widened when her breathing hitched. It was a sign she was taking it the wrong way. To had a little fun with her, Ranmaru would tickle her sides until she couldn't handle it anymore, but he would phrase it in a suggestive way, "I'm going to make you scream my name and beg me to stop."

"Ranmaru, that's shameless!" She punched him in the other cheek, since she couldn't get off him.

"There's nothing shameless on thinking of tickling you until you cried from laughter."


Soramaru growled as Ranmaru laughed his heart out.

Honestly, she had no idea how did it turned out like this. A happy ending for a lonely heaven? Really? Her eyes met with his, but Ranmaru ruined the sappy moment by seductively sticking his tongue out to her. She pinched his cheeks hard, a little payment for making her scream later. Even so, she rather had it this way.

The lonely heaven at ended, she had told him her feelings, albeit in a non-straightforward manner. The doubts had diminished, and they were in good terms again. The love would start to bloom as there was no heartbreak. They didn't said it out loud, but with their banter upgraded, they had accepted their feelings to one another. The burning passion will never end, as the passionate heaven will be a reality.

"Say, Sora. Your place or my place?"

"Whichever is the closest."

"Your place then. More privacy to do juicy stuff."

"Seriously, Ranmaru. Stop it."