Monster for Hire


At the age of five, most children are assigned a monster that lives in their closet or under the bed as part of a contract signed by their parents with FEAR Co.. The contracted monster's job is to frighten the child using its own natural abilities, like shadow-casting or nightmare-crafting, or even just the sheer fact that it looks absolutely terrifying, until the child is twelve years old.

There are parents who choose this method to help instill bravery and courage in their child that they suspect will better help them survive hardships. That may be a noble cause, but there are also parents who just want a well-behaved child with none of the work and frustration - and joy - that goes into it. Even still, there are parents who hire a monster just to abuse their children. The company, like most companies, does not care about ulterior motives.
The service is not expensive and most families are able to afford at least the basic package - one randomly-assigned monster, who issues exactly three scares per week on a flexible schedule. Wealthier families have the option of more expensive monster bundles, allowing them to choose their monster based on any criteria they want, hire multiple monsters, increase their weekly scare count, and manage different scare schedules.

Not a cent of the wealth FEAR Co. accumulates actually goes to the monsters. In return for its services, each monster is simply paid with a long-term goal set by the parents, while the company receives any currency to maintain it's many offices and facilities. This may sound like a bad deal to a human, but most monsters find they have no use for money. A monster only needs something to keep it busy. After all, what is a monster without a victim?