And yeah I know I'm gonna miss you but

I've got my mind set on one thing

And yeah, I know it's not realistic but

This is what I'm dreaming of

Someday someday someday in the future, babe

We'll meet again

And we'll be ready then

Yeah someday someday someday you'll be less busy

And we'll both be doing okay

More stable mentally

And that day that day that day

Is what I'm holding out for

That day that day that day

When I see you again

Cause I didn't mean to, but

I accidentally fell in love

And now you're the only thing I'm dreaming of

So I'll try my best

To reach that place

When I've got goals

And you've got space

When both of us

Are in a better place

Because I know right now we're both a little bit broken

So I'll do my best to pick up all my pieces

And I hope you do too

Because I'm not finished wanting you

I hope that you'll still want me too

It may be

A long way away

But I know I can be patient

I know I can wait

And I won't sit still

To bide my time

I'll figure out

What I wanna do with my life

Get my thoughts in order

And under control

Do my best

To patch up my holes

Try to make new friends

Yes, and I'll go to therapy

I may not like it but it's what I need

So that someday, hopefully

I'll see you again and this time, we'll both be ready

And together, we can both be free