And I find myself

And I find myself doing the same thing

Surrounded by people

But so lonely so lonely still

And you ask why I never see you

But I ask and you always say no

And you ask why I say we'll never stay in touch

Even though I'm the only one trying

I'm the only one crying

I'm alone alone alone

Meant to be alone

And I don't even care about a single one of you but


But with none of you

I'm left alone

And human beings aren't meant to be alone



Social creatures I know we are but

At socializing I only know how to make people like

Like me on the surface

Can't dive deeper if you don't know how to swim

Or rather, I guess they do

But they're hydrophobic

Scared of getting to know me

Scared of another person to worry about

I know you've all got yourselves,

Got enough to worry about

Don't worry don't worry I won't be a bother

Don't worry don't worry

I'll silently suffer

And you don't even care

You don't even care

Act like you do but I know you see the cracks in my mask

I know you see the tears

But you don't wanna ask

And it's okay

I know I know you don't care and you don't want to

I know I know you're scared I'm an anchor and we'll sink together

And it's okay, I'm selfish too

You don't know me and I don't know you

We're perfect strangers sitting here together

Known each other for years and still we know nothing

and it's okay

It's okay

Alone alone

I know I'm meant to be alone

Alone alone

Getting used to being alone

Being by myself

I don't need your help

I don't need your hand pulling me up

I got it

I got no legs but I know I can stand

On my own

Stand on my own

I don't need you

I don't need any of you

Any of you

I'm okay

Everything's okay

It's okay