A pool of darkness down below, but surely there is light

It sits away, unbeknown, down in that silent night.

I reach as long as I might live, stretching for the gall

My innocence is yet to give, my courage all but null.

Every wall stares like a face, taunting me to reach

That carapace that I await, that I have yet to breach.

The mind of child, so rich, wanting, full of curiosity

Though I can't go so deep below, scared of what it is I'll see.

I could say that there is nothing, nothing to ever take

Nothing that should scare me, naught but imagination's make.

Yet still it frightens so, down to my very core

You say that there is nothing, I believe that there is more.

It seems as though I'll never know what lays beyond that stair

Lest I trip and fall and scream, caught unknowing, unaware.

But down into that frightful depth, I know I have to go

I wish to cling to other thoughts, to dream it wasn't so.

A taunt, a tease, perhaps my own, is all that sends me down

Into the deepest darkness, is this what it's like to drown?

Down the first, down the second, wooden with a creak

Until my sight is nothing but the tremble of my feet.

"When will you be back, my child?" She bellows from the door

I steel myself, catch my breath and silently curse the whore.

She is the reason, she is the rhyme, she has set my fate

To cling to dreams and railing, to cross this hellish gate.

A quest I have been set upon, leaving naught but my quandary

To travel down this basement stair and fetch accursed laundry.