I awake to the sound of pained wails, them rousing me from my gentle rest, the feeling of defiled nakedness as I laid in the bed something I use as my only clue to the events that transpired the night before.

I sit up and wonder for a moment what it is I am meant to do today, and stand on the floor with bare feet, the wooden surface cold, eyes glancing about to find that I am in that woman's room.

This realization causes my slight grogginess to fade as a learned reflex causes me to be all the more wary of my surroundings.

At the corner of my eye is the woman in question as she walks into the room.

I turn my neutral gaze to her, and she smiles at me.

"Good, you're already awake." Venerum says, the demon approaching me, hand trailing itself unabashedly over my naked body once she reaches me, drinking the sight of me in.

I suppress all instinct within me to move away from her, my mind having learned long ago that opposing this depraved scientist in indulging her desires would only lead to more pain.

I only silently stand still, as immobile and emotionless as a doll, as she continues to do this until she finds the desired level of satisfaction in it.

Venerum lifts the object in her hand up to my vision, and the question my mind pondered before, of what I was meant to do that, was answered already.

"I understand this is below your usual standard errand," she says upfront, "but I need you to kill this person and his army for me."

Blank face remaining this way, I open the object she hands me, a neatly kept file on the person she kept tabs on.

"General Ginla Tzeqin." I speak flatly. "Why do I need to kill him?"

Her explanation is simple, and yet it matters little.

The woman before me, a demonic scientist in the guise of a human form, has raised me to obey her as yet another of her many, many science experiments, of which I am, in her words, a "dependent" variable that should not be tampered with with such things as emotion or thoughts. From a young age I learned that she would never yield me the luxury of free will or emotion, and that every act of defiance against her would only lead to her making me undergo strenuous and drastic injury.

I once thought that my body's biological recovery speed, so much faster and potent than what could be considered usual for an Earth-like creature, was the reason she never cared how badly she injured me for the defiance of showing emotion.

In the present however, the idea of this woman simply being that sadistic or heartless, especially in light of how little she reacts to the increasingly loud cries of pain from the basement, was something I believe is the true reason. Venerum's sadism and/or apathy, in turn, is fueled by the fact that my body always heals itself over with time, thus leaving the demon in question without incentive to not hurt me as completely as she saw fit.

Her reasons, as she lists them off in a carefree manner, involve how General Ginla, a general who has conquered several planets' worth of people, is now targeting a planet that is harboring a number of "potential experiments", her euphemism for soon-to-be kidnap victims.

The people running that planet's equivalent of a world government are planning to fight them instead of surrender.

Venerum, who has kept a running spy network in place for both Ginla and the planet he's planning to conquer, warfare with the former would lead to the literal total destruction of the latter.

She has decided, as a biased and unonown third party, to simply send me to kill Ginla and his space battalion.

I mentally sigh to myself as I read over the file she handed me.

Profile: General Ginla Tzeqin

Place of Birth

- Dimension: Realm of Chaos

- Galaxy: Name To Be Determined

- Star System: Cyrocentric System


- Boasts a powerful army with advanced scientific weaponry

- Has the charisma/popularity and tenacity needed to lead his people to war

- Would likely leave a large power vacuum if killed during or after a campaign

- Will engage with others before he decides on a course of action

- Has the makings of a fine leader

Despite these bookmarks telling of why Ginla would normally be a respected leader, and why his untimely death would have disastrous effects on others, this woman, who knows these facts well enough that sending me is a flavor of overkill for this task, still decides her "potential experiments" take priority over the lives of an army's worth of people.

It is with this knowledge that I silently wish someone, or something, would come along and kill this woman.

I care little for context as I make this wish, knowing that, for all my power, my last several attempts on this woman's life have been ultimately fruitless, as she has a level of foresight that every lesser person would find overwhelming to bear.

It is because of this foresight that, though I wish it in the deepest parts of my heart, I cannot act to fulfill it without it dissolving into failures I can scarcely even fathom before they happen.

It is a mixture of this foresight and the malevolent nature hidden beneath her smile that I set the file down on the bed and place all of my visible reluctance.

"Understood." I reply to her explanation, voice as flat as my expression is blank. "Will I have time to bathe?"

Venerum nods in response.

"Yes. I'll open a portal for you to enter later on."

I look out the window, the numerous planets that float throughout the sky of this dimension of her making a testament to fact that the woman speaking to me is far from anything resembling a human.

I do not reply as I instead walk towards the bathroom, relief that I will wash my defiled body of Venerum's touch registering in my mind.

It would seem scarcely more than the showerhead and its cleansing waters are my one reprieve from that woman's control.

With it, there is the promise of the little time I have to scrub the feeling of disgust my body feels from Venerum's hand against my flesh.

I voluntarily choose to meditate whilst being soaked by the showers in question, and form a mental smile as I imagine each memory of Venerum in recent memory as clouds overhead, as I so eloquently relay my feelings towards her in mental words.

'Fuck that moment.' I think calmly. 'That one too.'

Truly a wonderful sensation.