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Dark Universe


Synopsis: Stepping out of the shadows of legend and superstition, Count Dracula travels from Transylvania to London and begins a reign of terror and havoc from his violent murders. Soon he becomes enchanted by the young Lucy Westenra, seeking to turn her into his new undead bride. Lucy's fiancée and friends, along with the prominent doctor and vampire-hunter Abraham Van Helsing must gather together to not only save Lucy but all of mankind.

The story opens in 1893 as Jonathan Harker, a Real Estate Broker from London, England, was traveling by carriage to finish an estate deal with one of his company's oldest customers in Transylvania, Romania. While traveling he is seen writing to his new wife, Wilhelmina 'Mina' Harker, whom he had married just four days prior, but is stopped once he arrives at his destination; Castle Dracula. Stepping out of the carriage, he entered the castle ruins and was greeted by the man he was sent to meet; Count Vladislaus Dracula. Jon was welcomed in by the Count and began preparation to work on the last documentations for the estate deal to be concluded, which would give Dracula ownership of several mansions and estates across England; however, it would still take a few days to complete. Once night arrived though, Jon discovered that he had become a prisoner in the castle, as when he tried to check back on the carriage for something he had forgotten, he found the carriage in ruin, as if it was aged 100 years and its horse and driver's bones scattered about. Almost immediately, a snowstorm appeared out of nowhere and Jon was forced back into the castle, where Dracula led him into a study and locked the doors, keeping Jon from leaving his work unfinished. As the days pass Jon writes down a diary detailing what he sees during his stay at the castle. Many nights later, Dracula's Brides (Verona, Aleera and Marishka) tried to feed on Jon but Dracula stopped them and instead offered a small child he had his servants abduct from the nearby village, as he still needed Jon to finish their dealings and his murder/ disappearance would make others more hesitant to come and replace him. Finally, Jon is finished his business dealings with Dracula and the Count's castle was sold. Making preparations with over fifty coffins filled with soil gathered from around the ruins, Dracula called upon his most trusted servant, Artemia to take a valuable treasure of his to one of the newly acquired estates on the outskirts of England, saying that he would call for them to meet him after he had finished preparations in England.

Gathering his things and preparing to leave, Jon notices out a window that the snowstorm had dissipated and nearby villagers were heading towards the castle with pitchforks and torches, chanting that Dracula would finally pay for the all blood that he'd spilled. Seeing as he might be killed by this mob, Jon rushes for the exit but is stopped by Dracula who rips out of Jon's hands the documents and then revealed to Jon his true nature by turning into a swarm of hundreds of bats and flying away, leaving Jon at the mercy of the Brides, who were desperate to feed. The villagers arrived at the front doors and set the castle on fire, whilst Jon is chased and attacked throughout the burning ruins by the Brides, who also start attacking the villagers. Jon finally managed to defeat the Brides after accidentally impaling the heart of one of them with a broken wooden beam, while the others are caught under rubble and consumed in the flames. After defeating the Bride he stabbed, her dying blood red eyes hypnotize Jon and he instantly begins to see visions of the Bride's life, then of Dracula's, then of his human life as Vlad Tepes III. The villagers break into the room where Jon was and found him near catatonic and mumbling strange phrases (what he's seeing in the flashbacks). They checked his neck and teeth and saw the dead Brides, deciding that he was not a vampire. Jon was then taken away from the destroyed Castle Dracula, unable to let anyone else know where Dracula was going.

Days later, a ship by the name of The Demeter, was transporting Dracula's new coffin from a port in Bulgaria to London. When the ship made it to London, it crashed into the port. None of the sailors were accounted for and the Captain is found dead and tied to the wheel, and the only one on board alive was a deranged passenger by the name of R. M. Renfield, who was assumed by authorities to have gone insane and killed the crew. As the police took Renfield into custody, none of them noticed as Dracula turned into a giant mass of black shadows and took his 50 coffins with him into the shadows of London to one of the locations he recently acquired. Back in Transylvania, Jon was being questioned by the local police, but he was far too in his visions to know what was happening around him. As the police were interviewing him, the visions were showing Jon the life of Vlad Tepes III on his rise to infamy and how he earned the name Lord Vlad the Impaler.

Weeks later, Dracula was finishing up preparation for one of his new estates to be his home while feeding on helpless victims during the night. Then one night, as Dracula was drinking the blood of a helpless orphan, he spotted two women who caught his interest; Mina Harker and her childhood friend Lucy Westenra. Intrigued by Lucy's beauty, Dracula decided to turn her into a Vampire and followed them to Lucy's home where the women were met by Lucy's fiancé, Dr. John Seward (a psychiatrist who coincidentally was Renfield's doctor) and his friends Quincy P. Morris and Arthur Holmwood. Dracula, having set his sights on Lucy, arrived in Renfield's cell as a black mist, commanding him to draw the doctor's attention away by any means necessary so that the Count would be able to visit Lucy in private, and for his reward Renfield would be freed to serve Dracula as his new vampirirc servant.

Going back to Jon, he was identified by the local police and was to be transported back to London, all the while still having his visions. He witnesses how Dracula tried to protect his country and family from invading Ottoman forces, eventually traveling to Broken Tooth Mountain to gain power from a dark vampiric being simply known as The Master Vampire. The demonic being used Dracula's plea for help as a means to escape his curse of being trapped inside the mountain and bestowed Dracula the powers of a Vampire. Returning home, Dracula defeated the forces taking over his home, but his people and family were lost in the carnage. Grieved, Dracula tried to fly away as a swarm of bats but was unable to leave the Castle ruins; the curse of The Master Vampire being brought upon him and forcing him to never escape the confines of his home unless another were to willingly take it from him.

Back in London, Dracula visited Lucy in the middle of the night and bit his wrist, letting his black blood fall upon her lips and into her mouth. In the days after this, Lucy became paler, weaker and unable to stand daylight. Doctors believed her infliction to be Tuberculosis, but were baffled by her aversion to sunlight. Wishing to save his wife, Seward brought in his old teacher, Prof. Abraham Van Helsing to look at Lucy as he was an expert in medicine, excelling where many others had failed. Abe saw that Lucy's lips were turning a dark shade while the rest of her was becoming pale, and observed that her blood was darker than usual and almost like thick sludge. Abe hypothesized that she was being poisoned and recommended blood transfusions, which showed some promise at first. However, the day after Lucy was shown to grow even weaker and almost in a death like state (her body "feeding" on fresh blood helped a bit). Seeing that the effects were nearly completed, Dracula was ready to claim his new bride and came to Lucy's room under the guise of a wolf. But as Dracula entered the room, he did not notice that Mina had been in the room watching over Lucy and she alerted everyone upon seeing the wolf. Abe, Seward, Morris and Arthur fought off the wolf and tried to kill it, but it fled as a swarm of bats after seeing the cross hanging around Abe's neck (the necklace was in fact The Martyr's Cross, a magical item Abe's uncle had given to him and originally belonging to Jeanne d'Arc, which repels against evil and strengthens the wearer). In the middle of the chaos, Lucy finally succumbed to her "illness" and died.

After grieving her death, Abe asked that the men and Mina to join him in the study where he convinces them that Lucy's affliction was not natural, but Vampiric. He learned of the creatures from his uncle and says that he should have seen the signs earlier. Abe places a crucifix on Lucy's head as she was buried the following day, hoping that it would be sufficient in stopping her from returning as an undead. However, in the dead of night after Lucy's funeral, hypnotized rats with blood red eyes dug into her grave and removed the crucifix. Lucy awakened with blood red eyes and fangs and fled the scene to feed before Dracula could catch her. Rumors spread around London of a pale woman ripping out the throats of men, some even calling her Jill the Ripper. Abe, sensing that this it could be Lucy, commanded the Westenros to dig up Lucy's grave but it was found to have been recently dug up from underground, as if something had crawled out. There was no doubt in anyone's mind anymore; Lucy had returned from the dead as a vampire. Leaving Morris back at the Westenros household to watch over Mina (much to her annoyance), Abe, Arthur and Seward decided to track her down and save her by finally putting her to rest, so they disguised themselves as different men and walked down the streets of London at night in order to bait Lucy. Starved and uncontrolled, Lucy soon found them and attacked, but they managed to fight her off thanks to some items Abe researched that would harm a vampire (silver, dog wood, garlic), until the sun began to rise and Lucy fled its harmful light. The men chased her back to a mausoleum and waited for her to sleep. After hours of waiting they figured she was asleep and quietly entered, finding Lucy laying on a stone crypt. As they approached to stake her heart, Lucy awakened and fought the men again, managing to kill Arthur. Abe managed to get her pinned but had to hold her down, leaving Seward to the task of killing her. Seward hesitated and almost let Lucy get loose to attack them, but in the end, he staked her, causing Lucy to remember who she was as she died. With her dying breath, she thanked Seward for saving her and told him that she loved him, before turning to ash. Returning to the Westenros household in the morning, Abe and Seward were met by Mina and Jon Harker, who had just returned from Transylvania and was raving about a monster with a dark purpose.

Jon was taken back to his and Mina's home and placed in bed with Abe and Seward observing him to find out what his inflections were, while Mina never left his side and wrote down everything he said in his sleep along with the notes from his diary. Over the next few days, Abe and Seward researched Dracula from the local Maritime Library to find clues to his identity and history. By the week's end, Mina reunited with the men along with a more stable Jon. Going over the clues they had pieced together, they learned the origin and true identity of who Dracula really was; Prince Vlad Țepeș III of Walachia, The Son of the Dragon. Jon recounts to Abe, Seward, Morris and Mina all the dealings Dracula had him complete and remembers a few properties Dracula obtained. The group speculated that Dracula was no longer in hiding and would be using the properties he recently gained to become a king again. He would expand his rule by turning the people of England into vampires then set out to turn the world red with blood. Armed with garlic, holy water, explosives, lantern fuel, silver stakes and silver bolted crossbows, the five venture to Dracula's properties and destroy 49 of the vampire's 50 native soil filled coffins, along with burning the properties down to the ground just to be sure. Furious and becoming desperate for strongholds to rest during the day, Dracula fled to his last property on the outskirts of England. As the heroes prepared to destroy Dracula's last estate and finish the monster off for good, Renfield arrived out of the shadows, now a vampire, and kidnaped Mina, warning the men that if they came after his master that Mina would die. Knowing Dracula wouldn't keep her alive, Abe convinces Jon, Morris and Seward to continue their fight against Dracula and rescue Mina.

Meanwhile, Mina awakens to find that she has been brought to Dracula's last estate and is greeted by the dark lord himself. She screams at him in fury for killing and cursing Lucy and told him that his dark plans would not succeed as Jon and the others would be coming to rescue her and stop him before he could take over the world; however, Dracula only looked on at her in confusion. He explains he had no intentions of conquering the world and make a Vampire army, as he had already tried and failed centuries before hand. He had grown tired of war and wanted to simply establish a new home for himself and his daughter, Marya Dracul (the treasure he had his servant Aretmia flee off with until Dracula had made a new home for them). Not believing his lies, Mina managed to break free of her binds and went to stab Dracula with a knife she had kept hidden. Mina managed to cut him once but on her second try Dracula swiftly deflected her attack, unintentionally causing the knife to stab Mina instead and simultaneously cause the vampiric blood stained on the blade to merge with Mina's. As Mina throbbed on the ground in pain and agony as she was turned into a Vampire, the men arrived at Dracula's Estate after passing through a town completely empty with blood splattered everywhere. Entering the estate and searching for Dracula, the men were confronted by Renfield who gave them one last chance to turn back. Jon refused as he would not let Mina die, to which Renfield lit several torches, illuminating the hallway entrance and revealing that he had turned the small townsfolk into vampires to serve his master. Renfield ordered the vampiric townsfolk to attack the four men, and Morris gave Jon an opening to head towards Dracula and Mina. Jon reached the highest room in the estate and opened the door, only to find Mina was now a vampire and Dracula command her to kill Jon.

Going back to Abe, Morris and Seward, they were able to hold their own and kill many of the vampires due to their vampiric weapons and ingenuity, but were still no match for the vampiric mob. Suddenly, Renfield came out of nowhere and ripped Seward's throat out. Seeing his student and friend murdered before him, Abe unknowingly activated the Martyr's Cross, granting him a fury unlike he'd never felt before and enabled him to kill the remaining vampires, with Renfield fleeing for his own safety. Upstairs, Mina was trying to kill Jon and he was doing everything he could to avoid her attacks without hurting her. Mina eventually caught Jon by his neck and prepared to kill him, but not before Jon told Mina that he loved her. This caused Mina to hesitate and remember her past self. Dracula ordered Mina to kill Jon but he was shot with a silver arrow by Abe. As Mina managed to gain control over herself, she, Jon, Morris and Abe prepared to finally defeat Dracula; however, they were no match for the Vampire who tore apart Morris and absorbed his blood, increasing his strength. It seemed as if the heroes would be killed, but just when all seemed lost, Abe noticed out a window that the sun was rising and thought of a desperate plan. He lit the last of his explosives and blasted down a wall that was facing the sun, unintentionally burying Mina under rubble. Abe ordered Jon to cover his stake in holy water, which he did but not before Dracula grabbed him by the neck and forced the stake out of his hands. To save her husband, Mina managed to free herself from the rubble and attacked Dracula, throwing them both into the exposed sunlight. Dracula threw Mina back into the room to get her off of him and was about to escape the sunlight that was burning him, but was shot in the foot by Abe with a holy water soaked silver stake from a crossbow, impaling him on the floor and forcing him to disintegrate from the sunlight. As he died, Dracula coldly laughed at the heroes and declared, "I will return!", before being reduced to nothing more than an ancient charred skeleton. Finally, having defeated the vampire dark lord and saved London, the heroes returned home with this whole nightmare finally behind them.

Epilogue/ End Credits Scenes: During Seward, Arthur and Morris' funerals, Mina hid under an umbrella and the shade of trees from the sunlight as she was still stricken with Vampirism, but Jon continued to stay by her side and told her that they would find a cure. Abraham, after the funeral, returned home to his daughter, Victoria who he recounts all about Dracula and vowed to teach her all about the monsters hiding in the world and how to fight them, should they bring terror to mankind. Days later, Renfield, still alive, returned to the empty estate and looked upon his defeated master. He then heard coming in from the doorway the sound of a child crying and turned to see a young girl standing at the doorway at the sight of her father being turned to nothing but bones. Gathering up the bones of Dracula that weren't destroyed, Renfield led Dracula's daughter, Marya away from the estate, who vowed that she would bring back her father and exact vengeance upon his killers.