Chapter 3

The Assistant Representative was a short man in a bright blue suit. He told us all about initiation. It sounded like all we were going to do was pass a test. But he said there was a catch. The test was today. So, here I was, working on a very easy test. A lot of it was about science. Luckily, I had smuggled books from school to my room at my old house. My teachers gave them to me after class because they said I was extremely advanced for my age.

"All right. Pencils down," Balik said.

I set my pencil down. I had gotten to number ninety-three out of one-hundred questions. I looked around the room. A boy in the back was trying to keep doing the test.

"Lukas!" Balik barked,"Get over here."

The boy walked up to the front. He was clearly embarrassed.

"I'm sorry sir-" he said.

"Quiet!" Balik screamed,"Take off your badge."

"But sir," Lukas complained.

"Do it!" Balik yelled.

"Whatever!" Lukas yelled.

"Clark!" Balik yelled,"Escort Mr. Nuew to the train. He will be going to the poor's quarters."

I looked at the boy. He had his face in his hands, clearly crying.

"Did he say Nuew?" Mikel asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"Do you think he's related to Supreme Leader Nuew?"

"I dunno."

"Everybody!" Balik yelled,"Let that be a warning to the rest of you. We do not tolerate cheating around here. You get no warnings. Period. No matter what."

That was a big surprise. The outside world always thought that the Sagacious were very forgiving. They obviously weren't.

"You will be escorted to your quarters now. Please follow Aaron," Balik said,"The rankings will be posted in the cafeteria tomorrow morning.

I looked around to find Aaron. He was standing over by the door. He gestured for us to get moving. We got up and moved toward him. Someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Tori.

"Are they just going to judge us on that?" she asked.

"I dunno," I said,"What's your home sector?"

"I'm from Tenderheart. This place is like the opposite of there."

"Oh. My twin transferred there. We were from Resplendent."

"Sector born initiates will be here," Aaron said.

A couple of kids walked into the room.

"New initiates will be here. Boys on the left, girls on the right."

I walked in the room. Bunk beds lined the wall. I walked to a bed and sat down. Mikel took the one above me. My watch said it was 9:45 P.M. We hadn't eaten dinner, but Aaron hadn't said anything about that. The other people were getting ready for bed, so I laid down and fell asleep.