Track #2.- skin & bones.

I don't want to be sick, I don't
want to be numb, believe me, it's
getting old, I can't believe it,
I don't fit in with the cold.

I'm a storm, I'm a raging, desperate
loss, excuse me for wasting such
precious minutes, can't help but sigh
because, hey, we're all dying anyway.

Guess who came to play? Anxious
fidgets and bitten lips, I said
I didn't mean it, I can't even
speak louder than my empty guts.

I cover myself in doubt, because
when I start believing I can feel
the bitterness that comes from
experience slowly creeping in.

Yes, I'm weary, yes, I'm fading,
calling it a night even when I stay
awake until the morning, I'll cover up this
skin and bones before anyone wakes up.

I'm infected? I scream at closed doors,
fuck you for ever believing it, as if a
touch of our hands could make you
fall apart instantly, just like me.