Chapter 5

Still holding Timothee's hand, Violet used her free hand to turn off the sauna as they stood in the hall. Then she gently led him down the hall to the master bedroom.

"One of the advantages of being a Real Estate agent is that I get to see properties most people don't," Violet said as they entered the master suite. "That's why we're standing in rich and famous novelist Dusty Halliston's exquisite bedroom."

"I marveled at this place every time I was in here," Timothee admitted.

One wall of the bedroom was mostly glass to take advantage of the scenic hillside view.

"I still can't get over the size of this waterbed," Violet said.

"I didn't know they made them that big," Timothee said. "But we probably shouldn't be in here."

"Who's going to know?" Violet laughed. "Can you believe the mirror?" She asked, gesturing up to the ceiling.

"I'm surprised you didn't take that down before showing the place," Timothee said.

"Are you kidding?" Violet laughed, throwing herself onto the bed. "It gets people talking."

She was trying to make the bed wave by rocking the water.

"Don't break it," Timothee warned.

"I've always wanted to do it on a waterbed," Violet smirked, pressing herself harder against the free flowing mattress.

"It's Dusty's waterbed," Timothee reminded her.

Violet slid her hand along the white silk bed cover. "Feel how soft it is," she said soothingly.

Timothee rested his hand on the bed. "Very nice," he admitted.

Violet sat up on the bed, squealing with delight. "This feels great," she purred.

"We really shouldn't be in here," Timothee said nervously.

"Doesn't this turn you on?" Violet teased as she started to bounce up and down on the bed using her rear end to create momentum.

Timothee glanced up at the mirror and frowned. "It's Dusty's waterbed," he said again.

"Are you going to make me beg in seducing you?" Violet groaned with protest.

"You want me to fuck you in Dusty's bed?"

"Yes!" She laughed, raising her eyebrows seductively. "Wouldn't it be a turn on?"

Timothee looked confused. "Wouldn't it be highly irregular and unprofessional?" he worried.

"Yes, it would," Violet readily agreed. "So what?"

"Is this some sort of weird fantasy for you?" Timothee asked.

"Do you know how long I've been waiting for you, you asshole?" Violet said with annoyance.

"I didn't know you waived The Chasity Pledge," Timothee confessed with surprise.

"Do you want me or not?" Violet asked impatiently. "Say yes or let's just get out of here and forget the whole stupid thing."

Timothee knew he had hurt her feelings missing the signals that The Chasity Pledge was long over. He watched Violet impersonating a gymnast as she bounced up and down on the water bed mattress, sometimes on her ass, sometimes hopping up onto her feet.

"So?" She asked, starting to lose her breath. "What do you think?"

"I think you've been repressed for quite a while," Timothee realized.

"Yea, perverted professors will do that to a girl," Violet admitted. "Clueless friends naively following a stupid pledge, too," she added sarcastically. "But now my sexual desires are coming out!"

Was this the moment of truth? Timothee found himself hopping up on the bed to jump with her. Violet smirked and then she leaned in and kissed him to show her appreciation. He demonstrated that he was willing to participate in her little sex game by stuffing his tongue inside her mouth, no small feat since they were both flying through the air as they bounced up and down on the water bed mattress.

With all the movement, Timothee's sweat-soaked towel went flying off and Violet laughed with satisfaction as she lifted her hand up, unbundled her towel from where it was tied at the top of her breasts and threw it as far as it would go.

Now they were both bouncing naked on the bed.

"I'm tingling all over!" Violet laughed, glancing up to watch herself in the ceiling mirror.

"This is nuts," Timothee said as he bounced with her. "But in a good way."

Violet suddenly tackled the naked Timothee to the mattress and they rode the waves together until the bed started to slowly settle. Then she ran her hands down his back while Timothee dared to cup Violet's breast, his fingers toying with her nipple.

Violet dropped her hand down and began to stroke Timothee's penis which expanded in size and thickness in her palm.

They both laughed at the feeling of the waterbed beneath them while they caressed one another, Timothee focused on Violet's breasts while she ran her hand along his organ, both periodically glancing up at the ceiling mirror to monitor each other's actions.

They kissed passionately with their tongues buried in each other's mouths, Violet feeling wetness between her legs while Timothee's penis throbbed in her hand.

Violet kept looking up at the mirror on the ceiling as she rolled on top of Timothee.

"Jesus, is my ass really that big?" She asked with surprise when she glanced up at the mirror.

Timothee cupped her ass cheeks with his hands and squeezed. "You're perfect," he assured her.

"Maybe it makes your dick look bigger too!" Violet giggled as she aligned her breasts with Timothee's mouth and he licked her nipples with his wet tongue, causing her to squirm.

Violet fell off of him and she spread her legs while looking up at the mirror to eye her crotch and play with her boobs while Timothee lay on his back and played with his balls, both of them staring back at each other through the mirror.

"Does my penis look big enough?" Timothee teased.

The waterbed was now only slightly rocking with their movements.

After a while, Timothee moved his hand to Violet's pubic area and she rocked with pleasure when his fingers slipped inside her vagina and he stroked her clitoris as the bed waved beneath them.

Violet took Timothee's dick in her hand and she slid it back and forth in her palm while watching in the mirror as he continued to finger her.

She rolled over onto her stomach and glanced up at the ceiling mirror. "You're sure my ass isn't too big?" She worried.

Timothee rolled over on top of her, rubbing his balls and dick along her bare ass before rubbing it along her butt-crack as a tease and then readjusting so he was aiming between her legs toward her waiting wet and opened vagina.

He slid himself inside of her and she moaned with satisfaction, staring up at the ceiling with fascination watching them fuck.

The waves of the waterbed matched the waves of Violet's ecstasy as Timothee began to fuck her with powerful thrusts, causing the bed to rock and wave with equal force. Violet could hear his balls slapping against her ass in concert with the water swishing inside the bed.

Timothee used one finger to rub along her ass crack while his other hand caressed her breast underneath her.

They felt themselves getting closer to orgasm and Timothee pumped as hard and fast as he could until Violet's legs went stiff and her buttocks tightened and she screamed out in pleasure as Timothee felt his balls tighten just as his cock exploded inside of her as they rode the rocking waves of the water bed.

Timothee didn't want to pull out but he knew the ride was over. He removed his sticky stick from her vagina and he gave her bare bottom a kiss, licking his tongue between her cheeks before rolling over on his back and waiting for the waterbed to slow in its waves.

Violet glanced up over her shoulder at the mirror one last time. "You sure my ass isn't too big?"

"It's perfect," Timothee assured her.

"So's your dick," she decided as they stared at each other through the mirror.

"Thank you," he said with gratitude.

"This is perfect," Violet told him as they waited for the waves of the bed to calm.

"You've broken every real estate agent rule in the book," Timothee grinned.

"Who cares!?" Violet laughed. "That was extreme waterbed pleasure!"

"Mirror Mirror on the ceiling, who's the sexiest of them all?" Timothee asked.

Violet wrapped herself around him. "This was worth the wait," she said as they stared at one another through the mirror.

"I won't miss baseball as long as I have you," he vowed.

"And I'll never mention The Chasity Pledge again," she assured him.