I've also decided to post some fun-facts of my stories here too!

67. I drink and love coffee. Either brewed here at home or bought from anywhere else that has coffee.

68. I have taken Tennis in the Seventh grade. It's the only sport you'll ever see me play/enjoy in.

69. I prefer Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros. over Disney. It felt more appealing to me.

70. My belief: If you have problems with someone, say what they are to their face, instead of making fun of them behind their backs. Saves a loooot of time!

71. I don't blame teen moms – I blame the boys that get them pregnant. Honestly, stop putting so much heat on the teen mom!

72. Fun fact #1: Isaias was originally the name of Liam's former boyfriend, who disappeared prior to the story, for unknown reasons.

73. Fun fact #2: Each of the Beck children fit a certain Temperament. Rennedy is Phlegmatic (due to his calm demeanor); Liam is Melancholic (due to his grim appearance); Sylvia is Choleric (due to her grouchy teenage attitude); Amethyst is Sanguine (due to her happy and sweet state).

74. Fun fact #3: Isaias was set to be deceased prior to the story, leaving Julia to be currently engaged to the current chancellor of Erron. It is unknown what caused Isaias's death.

75. Fun fact #4: The name Isaias erupted from a classmate I had in eleventh grade. I liked the name so much I knew I had to use it some time.

76. Fun fact #5: Prince Harold II is a pansexual.

77. I am fond of interracial couples. From either a Caucasian and an African-American couple to a Japanese and American couple.

78. One of my favorite shows is 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'. My favorite episodes are when Baby Nicky is born and Will and Carlton are in jail after being pulled over on the way to Palm Springs.

79. Fun fact #6: In fact, the servant named Cameron from the story was inspired by Geoffrey from 'The Fresh Prince', in terms of attitude and humor.

80. Favorite birds? Ducks, chickens, and peacocks.

81. I DO NOT support Donald Trump. His wall idea is very unnerving to me.

82. I do support OCs in fanfiction, as long as they help the canons in a good way, blend well into the plot, and don't exist just to fill in space.

83. I think domestic abusers need to be sent to jail and get a major beat-down too.

84. My word of advice: Never assume someone's sexual preference just by what they do. I know, I went through all those years ago and haven't forgotten about it. Enough said.

85. My favorite part about Liam? His tunic, hair, and eyes!

86. The best part about Prince Harold II: his golden-rimmed glasses! Who else in the entire world has them?!

87. I hope to try champagne sometime. Does anyone know what it tastes like?

88. If I ever wore glasses, I hope they'd be black, round, and with a white stripe around them for flair.

89. Fun fact #7: If Liam was not an assassin, then he would be a very famous author instead.

90. I am fond of acapella. It's very interesting to listen to and shows me that humans are capable of doing anything they set themselves to.

91. My favorite season of 'The Walking Dead' is Season 5. It had the most human and walker deaths, gore, and not to mention (spoilers) explosions by Carol herself!

92. Fun fact #8: My favorite character to write in the story is Prince Harold and Nicetas.

93. Fun fact #9: PrincessBella was born on July 4th, which is Independence Day in the US.

94. Fun fact #10: Rennedy's name is similar to the word 'remedy' which means to heal something. This could explain his status as a student doctor.

95. Current songs stuck in my head are 'Copacabana' by Barry Manilow, the Spanish cover of 'Stand By Me' by Prince Royce, and 'Infinity' by Guru Josh Project.

96. I like crunchy things. From potato chips to leaves on the ground. The sound is very satisfying.

97. If I were to be an animal, I would be a wolf. Very quick and very fine teeth.

98. I have been underground before. In a cavern in New Mexico.

99. My favorite plant would be roses, palm trees, and bamboo.

100. I would like to thank you for reading this entire series. I look forward to becoming a better writer in the future!