Messages from a Father: You are a Woman

You are a woman.
You are the homemaker,
with dainty hands
As you scrub away the grime of the house.

You, my little darling princess,
No, not darling, or princess,
(Not mine, never mine.)
You, little girl.
Are a girl.
You are supposed to be a princess,
With glittering crowns and pink dresses,
Act like it.

Contraception, the pill, abortion,
Sink them in flames,
You are a woman.
You're not allowed to control your body,
(So I don't know why you consume any medication at all,)
Have babies like you're supposed to.

I cannot raise you the same as a son.
You shouldn't have aspirations.
You're a woman.
Your job is to clean,
And buy shoes,
And make babies,
You should be happy with that.

I see you're in trouble.
You fear for your future,
As a zoo keeper, as a Japanese interpreter,
Don't worry,
'Get married, have babies, be happy.'

When you turn 18 do not look to Uni,
Become a wife.
Marry not for love but of feeling,
marry for convenience.
Do not look for the one that will make you happy,
You are a woman this is your birthright.

Marriage is for procreation,
Not romance.
(To replenish the under populated human race.)
God said so.
Which is why the gays are so deplorable,
And which is why I fear for you.
Now that you've got that haircut,
I hope the other ailment isn't present.

You're a shrew.
A woman like you will never survive in this world.
I should know, I'm a 60-year-old man,
Who grew up in an all-boys school,
In a world that spouted 'women must be servants.'
You won't get a boyfriend with those feminist views.

You say that I'm sexist,
But it's not my fault I believe
women shouldn't have rights,
You're just demonising men,
(Because all men believe the same as I.)

You talk about equality like you don't have it.
As if men like me still exist.

But there's no such thing as equality.
Men are superior,
Women are subservient husks.
See I'm right,
'This woman' agrees with me,

She says;
All women want to be docile,
(Feminists exist for some other mysterious reason.)

There is an intergender civil war,
And men have lost.
Women will take over the world
And make men into their slaves.

It's either a man in charge,
Or the horror of powerful women.
(See, I'm not warmongering, they are.)

I wish for you to have no goals.
I wish redundancy for you.
I wish for you to have no say,
No choice,
No rights.
So why don't you listen to me?