I remember when you said "I'll stay".

While you grabbed my hand and smile,

I was lost in your lies, your beautiful lies.

How could you hurt me so much?

I thought we were going to Live,

We were going to laugh and cry.

I should have kept every Memory,

Just to remember who we were.

I should have been careful,

Conserving every fragment of our Youth.

It was a lie, a tempting offer of eternal Happiness.

But I was stupid and blind,

I was so in love with our Future

You could have told me everything,

I would have believed you.

In your eyes I saw a promise,

A hidden oath of Eternity.

I'm standing here, now,

Alone among people.

Tears like rains on my skin,

I hate you, for what I have become.

A lonely girl in Black,

Crying for a broken vow.

We were Immortal

Only in our Dreams.