Winter Child: Please enjoy

28 July 1878

"Hello, little one" a nobleman said, "I'm Alfred Blue. I'm the earl who lets some kids live at The Blue Mansion."

"So you're a nob and a bloody snatcher," the kid replied.

"What! I'm not a kidnapper!" Alfred yelled.

"Yeah and I'm the richest nob in the world," the kid said sarcastically. The child did not believe him one bit.

"Can you at least tell me your name at least?"

"And why the bloody hell should I tell ya me bloody name!"

"Because it's polite and little kids should not say such words," Alfred answered.
The child attacked Alfred, but the earl was quicker and was able to dodge the attack and pin the child down.

"Will you tell me your name now?" Alfred asked.

"Fine, its Reddie Greye, but only because I made it up. Now get off me, ya bloody pervert!"


"I'm a bloody girl, you stupid nob!" Reddie yelled.

"I thought you were a boy!" Alfred exclaimed. Let's explain why Earl Blue got confused: Reddie was wearing pants, a shirt and had short red hair. She also had blue eyes. So the Earl mistook her as a boy.

A few minutes later:

"Well, anyway, I was thinking you could train with Lacie Green and Snow Flake, as they are new and aren't part of any of the other squads. I need two more people for the main squad." Alfred stated.

"Squad of what?" Reddie questioned.


Winter Child: I know really short, but I'm going to post a chapter on every Thursday so you don't have to wait long. Until the next time, bye.