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32 July 1879:

"My Lord, the child is here," a butler said.

"Thank you, Tomas," Alfred said.

A child with short hair was being led by 2 of the maids. The child looked a year younger than Reddie and Lacie and Snow.

"Hello, little one," Alfred started,"my name is Alfred Blue. May I ask what your name is?"

"Why the bloody hell should I tell ya me name?!"

"Well, it's polite to do so, also, little children shouldn't use such language," Alfred said to the child.

"Fine, it's White, ya bloody nob," the child told Alfred.

"Ha ha! Master Alfred, did ya hear that she doesn't like ya either when coming here!" Reddie walked in laughing with Lacie and Snow.

"Seriously girls, can't you use the proper English, I taught you?" Alfred asked.

"Why should we? Ya can't change a street rat completely," Lacie said, "bet ya, she'll say the same thing."

"She?" the earl said confused.

"Her," Reddie said, pointing at White, "are you tryin' to make a harem or something with 'Blue Squad."

"What! No! It's not my fault that girls on the street seem to like wearing pants on the street."

"What does she mean by 'Blue Squad'?" White asked.

"Oh! That's one of the assassin squads. There are three squads: Maid Squad, Butler Squad, and Blue Squad. Blue squad wears blue gloves, Maid Squad wears white and Butler Squad wears black."


Reddie disappeared for a second, when she reappeared; she was behind White with a knife against her neck.

"Yep! Don't mess with us," Reddie said with a smile.

"Okay, introduce yourselves, girls."

"Reddie Greye. Spelt as R-E-D-D-I-E G-R-E-Y-E, if you spell it different or call me something else, I can't promise that you will live," Reddie said as she took the knife away from white neck.

""Lacie Green, I am the head maid," Lacie said pointing to herself.

"Snow Flake, Snow is my first name and Flake is my last name," Snow said as she blushed, "I am head butler even through I'm a girl"

"Reddie is the detective of the group," Alfred said, "girls, this is White Blue, the future head of the family."

"Family! Don't you mean Squad?" White yelled.

"Nope! Family, we treat each as family!" Reddie said cheerfully.

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