I Scoff

I scoff at the idea of romance.

"Do I do this because you are lonely perchance?"

"No, no" I cry,

but yet you still pry.

"I pry because I simply must"

You pry and pry till my sanity will bust.

I have no faith in romantic companionship.

It simply leaves me with a sense of entrapment.


I've no faith in romance,

but I support those who do.

Their stories are my favorites to hear.

This is certainly true.

While most times it ends with them sad,

I find that the ones who make it are glad.

I'll never marry,

but I will attend the wedding.

I'll smile and wish the happy couple the best,

and I'll hope to see their family spreading.

I've no faith in romance,

but I'm happy that others do.