There are 7 and a half billion people in the world,

And I am a grain of sand.

I am invisible to the naked eyes,

Stepped on,


Literally crushed

Beneath the heel of the world.


I am a blip in time,

Less than a second on

The neverending clock,

One eighth of a "tic",

Dead long before the "tock".


I am a gasp in,

Gone before

The universe coughs out

Another generation in her breath out.


I am a grain of sand,


A blink of an eye,


A seconds pause between sentences in

The story of a world

I long to be a part of.


Although my time on Earth

Will not matter

At all


I want to make my minute


I ache to metter in the end,

That after the next word starts

That my hairsbreadth of an existence

Will have left

An imprint large enough

That even pages from now that

Readers will look back and think



I'm glad I didn't miss that."