A lady of noble stature is to be demure, obedient and rely on others to do her biddings. Victoria Conner, the youngest daughter of the famous merchant Thomas Conner, is not.

Longing to make a life of her own yet having little control of what she can freely do, Victoria is forced to attend the Crowned Prince's coming of age celebration where she meets Thegar Leonhart, the one person who has more rumors about him than anyone else. Though the initial meeting goes well, fate turns the young woman's life for the worse when she meets the remainder of the nobleman's family and she is thrown into an engagement that she had no knowledge of.

Despite everything going against her, Victoria is determined to break out of the fate set ahead of her. However, in a world that prefers living in the wrong and relishing on duties, can she gain the freedom she craves or be sucked into the norm and lose that spark she possesses?