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He never even saw me coming. I had stalked my prey since the sun had dipped below the horizon, my darkish clothes blending in with the cloudy night. I pulled up my bow and slid an arrow against the bow string, until they locked together. Evening out my breaths, I brought back my fingers with the string, until they were at the same length of my lips.

He paced back and forth on the ground below me, wringing his hands together, impatient. He had stopped walking around our small town until he got to this alley, and the backpack that he had clutched close to his chest was discarded on the ground.

Feeling the muscles in my arm start to really tense, I took my final breath, lined up my sights, and took the shot. The arrow shot through the sky, catching the fabric of his sweatshirt right in between his right arm and ribs. The surprise and force of the arrow knocked him down, the arrowhead digging into the soft dirt of the alley.

Before he could register what was happening, I fired another arrow in his direction, this one landed in the same spot as the other one, on his opposite side. Before hopping down off the roof of the diner I was on, I fixed my mask under my hood and pulled my hood down over my face lower. Masks were a great way to hide your identity, but they didn't always work.

I leap off the roof, spreading my arms out by my sides as if they would start flapping and fly away. Before I hit the ground, I tucked my body in, grunting as I hit the concrete, and rolled forward, landing on my feet. I tightened the buckled that strapped my quiver to my back and gripped my bow tighter, walking towards the terrified villain.

The arrows in his sweatshirt kept him on the ground, but not to much. If he was really trying, a strong yank would pull them right out of the ground, and he could run off, or fight. It was just my job to make sure he was too scared to move.

"Mortem," I growled, lowering my voice a little so it was more difficult to recognize. I bent over and pulled off his hood, showing his deep violet mask with matching eyes. He avoided making eye contact, shifting around as I stood over him, uncomfortable.

"You really thought you'd get away, huh?" I asked cockily, relishing in a rare moment of an easy capture. When he didn't answer I stifle a chuckle, only a little surprised at how easy it was to get him. Mortem was a lesser known supervillain, only doing minor robberies here and there. So when I found out he robbed a highly surveillanced jewelry store, something must have been up.

I stepped back, so I wasn't leaning over him anymore. Taking a final glance and giving a sneer to try and keep him to stay put, I turned my back and walk over to his backpack. That was the first thing I did wrong.

"I was never supposed to get away," Mortem muttered loud enough for me to hear. Before I could turn around, something large hit me in the back, and I went flying forward. I hit the wall, my hands giving little protection even though they were in front of me, and then I fell to the ground.

I rubbed my cheek were it had connected with brick, and it felt scraped and raw. I little blood dotted my fingertips where they touched, and I whipped around to face him. The little sneak had played me!

I held my bow in front of me and whipped an arrow from my quiver, loading it and bringing up to aim right in Mortem's face. He had pulled out the arrows and thrown them on the ground, one of the fletchings broken and on the verge of falling off. I let the arrow fly, but he conjured up a shield in a split second and let the arrow hit that, metallically ringing when they collided.

I groaned and put back the arrow I was already pulling out. Mortem had learned black magic, and even though he was a minor villain, he had the ability to be one of the most powerful supervillains. Luckily for me, he was also extremely lazy and really just used what he knew to his own advantage.

One of his abilities was to compact a burst of magic into a ball and chuck it wherever he wanted, normally me. He also had the ability to conjure any weapon or tool that he wanted in a moments noticed.

He dropped the shield to the ground, and it evaporated into a bunch of purple dust, leaving nothing in its wake. He threw two more balls of magic at me, and I had to drop to the ground to avoid them. When I stood back up, he had sprinted past me, grabbed the backpack, and ran out of the alley.

I cursed myself for being so stupid, and slung my bow over my shoulder next to my quiver, so I could run comfortablely. I sprinted out of the alley, looking around to try and find where he went. A trail of muddy footprints ran straight ahead, and turned the corner around the pharmacy, down the road to the rougher part of town.

"Geez," I muttered to myself. Couldn't I have one night where I just found the bad guy and I dropped him off at the police station without a problem? I ran the same direction, making sure to keep my eyes peeled in case he was hiding in the corners.

After turning the corner, I froze. He was standing in the middle of the road, backpack loosely in his hands, looking around everywhere. Slowly, I shifted my arm backwards, gripping behind me for the release so one of my arrows could fall through the bottom of the quiver and into my hands.

After fumbling around for a second more, I found the release and hit it, grabbing for the arrow. I hadn't done the trick many times, so when I closed my hand around the arrow, it wasn't there. That was my second mistake. The arrow hit the ground with a soft thud, and I cringed, praying he didn't hear it.

He did.

He dropped the backpack on the ground and ran away like he was mad. I rubbed my hand over my face, groaning at my mistake. I needed some more practice. I had it down when I was back at my base. But here, when I actually needed it, I screwed up.

Going over the things that could've gone better, I walked forward to the backpack, at least thankful that he left that alone. There should be about $50,000 worth of diamonds in the bag, unless Mortem was smart enough to take them out of the bag.

I reached down for the bag, before I heard a slight whistle in the air, and a whoosh of air by my face froze me in my spot. I looked down at the bag, and a red and dark blue dart stuck in the backpack right where my hand would've been.

"Dart," I growled, and turned around with a scowl on my face. In front of me stood a guy clad in the same red and blue suit. A cocky grin covered his face below his mask as his hands were on his hips.

"Crossfire. Fancy seeing you here," He said cheerfully, and I copied his stance. This was going to be a long night.

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