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Sometime in the future...

The night sky was lit with millions of stars, only visible because of the lightless city. It would've been beautiful on any other night. Sparks of fire flew off the building to her right, touching down on her clothes, her skin, her hair. But none of it mattered.

Her bow lay on the ground next to her, snapped in half. The bowstring, normally taunt, was frayed and broken. The elegant design of black, brown and green was scarred by burn marks and charcoal.

She was covered in the same burns and her insides were full of smoke, making it hard to breathe. Her clothes were torn and ripped, her boots covered in ash.

Blood mixed with tears and sweat as they trailed down her face. She was dirty and broken, but none of it mattered.

She held his body close to hers, pressing him as close to her as she could. She hugged him tightly and cried, as his lifeless arms hung to the side. Her head was buried in his neck, sobbing, begging for any sign. A flicker of the eyelids. Twitching fingers. Anything.

Her sobbing became louder, heard over the roar of flames from the burning building. She clawed at his back, pulling him around her, tighter and tighter.

His life pressed down on her shoulders, like the weight of the world.

But he was her world.

And in a second it was gone. She blinked and it was gone.

She cried and held him in her arms. And around her, her world crashed and burned.

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